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Here you will find the latest videos of Lisa. 90% are filmed candidly (usually in public places with a hidden cam so she doesn't know that I'm recording) and the other 10% are filmed at home. Feel free to post your comments on your favourite clips ! If you're interested in purchasing one of my videos, please visit my clip store.

Baptizing Lisa's Zara navy blue ballerinas

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I taped this video a few days ago and it’s another really good catch ;-) That day I went to have lunch with Lisa and her assistant in a fast food, and when I saw that she was wearing her black short pants business suit with...

Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 3

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This video is for barefoot fans ;-))) It contains different clips taken on 2 different occasions. The first part was taken at the terrace of a café during our summer vacations. Lisa and I had gone out with my sister in law...

Lisa dangles her new ultra low cut pumps

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As promised here is the video that I taped after coming back from my business trip. For those who haven’t read the post concerning Lisa’s new Jonak brown pumps on my blog, that day I came to pick up Lisa at her gym club and...

An inappropriate pair of shoes for winter

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I taped this video in early January when I was having lunch with Lisa and one of my friends in a fast food. That day my princess was wearing a black pants business suit with a pair of nude nylon socks, and her low cut Zara...

Her red patent flats get a lot of attention

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Recently I went to have lunch with Lisa and 2 of her colleagues in the food court near her work. When I saw her waiting for me at the entrance, wearing her red wool coat, a pair of black leggings under a white wool dress, a...

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