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Lisa's first day at work in her new blue suede Jonak pumps

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I recorded this video in early September, just 2 days after Lisa had bought her new ultra low cut blue suede Jonak pumps (see my post about those new shoes here). It was the first time that she was wearing them at work, but as it had rained slightly during the night, my princess asked me to drive her to work in the morning as she didn’t want to stain the suede leather of those expensive shoes!!!!!! Of course I said yes, but as always, I told her that she was inviting me for lunch in exchange (I just couldn’t wait to see her shoeplay with them ;))))))))) What actually really caught my attention that day is that those slutty toe cleavage pumps were already barely clinging to her feet as I saw that they were immediately dropping off her heels and sliding directly to the very tip of her toes as soon as she was crossing her legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (unlike the day she bought them, this time she was wearing them with a pair of extra sheer nylon socks – along with a black pants business suit – so I guess it was making her fancy shoes even more loose and slippery ;)))))))))))))))))

When I picked her up for lunch, Lisa told me that she had an errand to do at the pharmacy before meeting her colleagues at the food court, so I took this opportunity to record her feet discreetly with my phone while she was walking and dipping/heelpopping heavily in the mall ;))))))))))))))))) Man you won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see how easily those brand new pumps were already slipping off her feet!!!!!!!!! (and for good reason, just like her black pair, those slutty shoes have almost no leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). When we finally settled at a table in the food court, Lisa and her colleagues told me that they had to work on some papers before getting their hot meals, so of course I quickly switched on my spycam to record her feet, and as everyone was busy, I got plenty of occasions to look under her chair ;)))))))))))))

God, at the second she sat down, her pumps started slipping off her feet continuously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each time she was crossing her feet at the ankles, gravity was acting like an invisible hand pulling her skimpy shoes off immediately, and it was clearly making her shoeplay even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you’ll see, I managed to leave the sound on some long parts (sometimes a whole minute!!!!!) while she was working, and boy, I bet you’ll be as shocked as me when you’ll see how many times she lost her shoes under that chair, and on top of that, how much noise her fancy pumps were making each time they were falling on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s crazy is that I had decided not to confiscate her shoes that day (after all it had just been 2 months since one of her Zara pumps had got stolen, and the poor darling was wearing her blue suede Jonak pumps at work for the first time!!!) but god, after 30 minutes of non stop shoeplay and dipping (sometimes with both feet as she was leaving her expensive shoes unattended under her chair!!!!) it really drove me nuts so I finally decided to confiscate her left pump, and that’s when she started to get in really big trouble ;))))))))))))))))))))

Unfortunately for my poor Lisa, the alley behind our table was very narrow, and as the floor was quite slippery, when I kicked her shoe away, it slid directly under one of the chairs that was behind us!!!!!!!! But as you’ll see, not only the people who were sitting there consecutively (a man then a woman) didn’t want to help or even warn her that she had lost one of her skimpy pumps (although they perfectly saw whose shoe it was!!!!!!!!), but on top of that, they took great delight in torturing her expensive shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now as I don’t want to spoil you, I won’t describe everything that happened, but just so you know, both of my princess’ pumps eventually finished under different chairs, and when some people saw that, they decided to confiscate discreetly both of her shoes so that my poor sweetheart would be forced to finish her lunch completely shoeless while they were “guarding” her precious designer pumps for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they gave them back to her at the end but before that they made sure to deeply embarrass her in front of her colleagues (as they probably thought that I was one of them too!!!)… Man what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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