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News & Stories

Here you will find the latest news and stories about Lisa (including those posted on my previous website) and also some stories submitted by loyal visitors. If you would like to submit a story, feel free to e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I will be happy to publish it on this page (pictures to illustrate your posts are also welcome ;-)

Lisa’s new designer pumps

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A couple months ago Lisa bought herself a new pair of shoes but it’s only recently that I managed to take pictures of them when she brought back home all the shoes she had in her office during the winter vacations. They are...

Low cut pumps are not for everyone!

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This video features Enora Malagré (a co-host of a famous French TV show) losing one of her ultra low cut Louboutin pumps in live ;-))))))))))) For those who don’t know her, this girl is well known for her love for Louboutin...

Uncanny resemblance

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I recently stumbled upon some very nice artwork on the DeviantArt website and I wanted to share it with you guys ;) Those wonderful drawings are made by an italian artist named Luca, and as you can see, he has a fetish for...

Lisa's new Guess flat pumps

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Just a quick article to let you know that Lisa recently bought a new pair of shoes right after coming back from our vacations (just the usual thing that she does to cheer herself up before getting back to work ;-). They are...

Lisa’s new navy blue suede Jonak pumps

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In early September, Lisa and I spent a weekend in Deauville to cheer us up before getting back to work, and as always when we go there, my princess wanted to go to the Jonak store to see their new arrivals (as they always...

The princess' new shoes

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Hi guys, just a quick update to show you Lisa's new Jonak gold flat pumps. She bought them in September but I only saw them on my wife's feet for the first time about a month ago as she was keeping those beauties in a drawer...

The shoes people want to steal

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Here is another old preview that got deleted with my previous Youtube account. That day the 3 guys that you can see in this preview got bold enough to steal one of Lisa’s white and black Zara pumps and they even hid it under...

Old previews - Part 2

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Continuing the re-upload of old previews that got deleted with my previous Youtube account, and this time I propose you a little focus on Lisa's André black ballet flats ;) Sadly Lisa hasn't been wearing those shoes a lot...

A message for loose flats predators

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Recently some people asked me to re-upload some of my old video previews (which got deleted with my previous Youtube account), so I thought that I should start with Lisa's favourite shoes: her ultra loose and low cut black...

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