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Lisa strutting in her new designer pumps

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So here is the video that a lot of you guys have been waiting for ;))))))) I finally caught Lisa wearing her new “Les Prairies de Paris” ballet pumps when I met her for lunch with one of her female colleagues, and boy the least I can say is that she was really sexy that day!!!!!!!!!! She was wearing her short gray skirt with a white blouse and a pair of black “haute couture” fancy stockings (with some adorable little bows behind the knees), and man it was hard to hide my excitement when I saw how hot she was ;)))))))))))) Now of course I was impatient to see how she would “behave” with those new pumps in public and the first thing I noticed is that those gorgeous shoes were already very loose on her tiny feet!!!!!!!!!!! Her colleague drove her to the restaurant so I only saw her walking a few steps before she disappeared behind the order machine, and even if she was far away, I distinctly saw that her heels were slipping out of her pumps as her feet were revealing the red insoles of her shoes with almost every step ;))))))))))))) As always the problem is that her feet are way too narrow (even for this type of designer pumps which are normally already reserved to girls with thin feet!!!), and although there’s absolutely no gap at the back of her shoes, they slip off her feet like butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the most beautiful thing with these pumps is that the toe box is so low cut (with an enormous toe cleavage!!!!!) that it really doesn’t take much for the girl who wears them to step out of them accidentally… so you can imagine how precariously those 300$ pumps cling to my princess’ tiny narrow feet ;))))))))))))))))))))))))

Of course I immediately switched on my spycam when she settled at my table with her colleague and the showed turned out to be just as hot as I had expected ;)))))))))))))))))) Not only those low cut pumps were constantly slipping off her feet, but she was visibly taking great delight in slipping them on and off under her chair… So after about 20 minutes, when I saw that Lisa was checking a big pile of documents for work with her colleague and that she was on the phone with another guy to help them, I thought that it was the perfect occasion to rid her of those luxury shoes already ;))))))))))))))))))) So I kicked her right pump behind her chair while she was dipping out of it, and as you’ll see, one of the waiters quickly got annoyed to see that my princess couldn’t keep her shoes on… He and I played some sort of “shoe hockey” with her empty pump, and although we weren’t pushing it in the same direction, her slutty shoe always ended up out of her reach ;))))))))))))))) As usual my princess was trying to retrieve it discreetly with her feet under her chair but all her attempts finished by the loss of her other shoe ;)))))))))))) Now what surprised me is that the waiter started staring more and more at my wife’s feet, and especially at her empty pump, and I soon realized that he just wanted to give her a good lesson!!!!!! Actually what he obviously very finely observed is that my princess is always afraid to get caught when she misplaces one of her shoes in public, so it’s very easy to confiscate her pumps while she’s trying to find them with her feet under her chair. Well as you’ll see in this video, that guy clearly spotted her little “weakness”, and as you’ll see in an upcoming video, he remembered it a week later when Lisa showed up in her outrageously loose and low cut Jonak golden pumps ;)))))))))))))))))))

Don’t miss also the last part of this video as I recorded her with my phone while she was walking with those beautiful black patent designer pumps back to my car, and as you’ll see, both of her shoes already slip off her feet when she walks (the right one just a little, but the left one already makes some huge heelpops!!!!!!!!!!) but my princess still walks pretty confidently with them. The only problem with those pumps is that they’re so low cut at the front that there’s really not much leather to make them stay on her feet (especially as the sides really don’t cling to her narrow feet), and as you’ll see, those luxury pumps are really not made to run or even walk a little too fast ;))))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (4)

  • Charles

    These appear to be worthy replacements for the late lamented black André ballerinas.

  • In reply to: Charles

    Indeed... I just fear that some of her colleagues won't let her keep them as long now that they know how easily they can rid her of those expensive toe cleavage pumps :p

  • Carl

    When can we expect the upcoming video?

  • In reply to: Carl

    Not before at least 2 or 3 weeks I think as I won't be at home next week and still am pretty busy...

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