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Lisa's shoes

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  • Sensational 1

    Are any of those sexy shoes for sale?...My email address is mh5693045@gmail****..***ease get back to me id really appreciate it...Thanx

  • In reply to: Sensational 1

    Sorry Lisa doesn't sell her shoes (she loves them too much!). If you want to get your hands on her shoes you'll have to do like some people (especially some of her work colleagues) and steal them when she dips out of them in public :p (easier than it seems when you see how quickly that woman managed to strip Lisa from both of her André ballet flats at the food court!!!!)

  • krzy4u

    Do you ever sell any of your shoes ?

  • In reply to: krzy4u

    I'm afraid not, Lisa loves too much her shoes to sell them...

  • A.J.

    Do you think Lisa would buy herself some black patent high heels? Then you could make videos of her getting in trouble with them, like her heel gets stuck in a crack or grate:), or she wears them to work and a co-worker steals them. I really like your site.

  • Earl

    Hey, I'll take the jonak white flat pumps :);)

  • john

    dear lisa ,
    i saw your side ,,,,very nice but mine question is ... a wman likes to se feet
    i hear it for the firts time ...iam a really foot lover.... feet in heels , pumps , shoes ...most i like when
    pantyhosed.... iam als like tp play footsie under the table.

    i have a other question do you know a free foot/ feet chatroom ?

    kind regards
    john i live in the netherlands

  • Dennis

    Dear Lisa,
    Would you consider selling those white nylons that you wear in the video published on Feb.22th? I'm in love with them. It doesn't happen very often that someone wears white ones.
    I would love to buy them from you.
    Thank you in advance for your reply!

  • Mario

    Hello you have really beautiful flats are you selling André black ballerinas

  • In reply to: Mario

    Hi, no sorry Lisa doesn't sell her shoes (even when they're worn out she very rarely parts with her shoes as she loves them too much!). And her André black ballerinas got stolen by a woman in a food court so Lisa doesn't have them anymore...

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