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Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 10

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This video is somehow the continuation of the previous one (Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 9) as I recorded it just a week later. For those who watched it, you probably remember how bummed I was to have missed the opportunity to steal Lisa’s precious black Jonak pumps during our lunch with her colleague, especially after all the teasing she had (most involuntarily!) done with those slutty shoes… So when she asked me to drive her to work a week later, I thought that it was the perfect occasion to get my revenge ;))))))))

That morning she was very late and quite in a hurry, so she dressed up really quickly with a pair of jeans, a light white wool sweater, some sheer stockings, and of course the easiest shoes to slip on: her beloved black suede Jonak pumps ;))))))))))) When she asked me to drive her to work (or should I say “begged me” given how late it already was), I told her “OK princess but you’re paying for lunch today” and of course she accepted (little did she know that it was just a trap to rid her of her ultra loose toe cleavage flats in public ;))) When I dropped her in front of her office building, she gave me a nice “thank you” kiss and told me “See you at lunch then!”, and as I was looking at her walking away with her heels slipping out of her pumps dramatically with every step, I thought “Oh yeah princess, I just can’t wait to take care of your little shoes ;))))))”. When it was finally time for lunch, I told 2 of my good friends from work that I would join them with Lisa, and that’s when all the fun began ;)))))))

When we arrived, we just had to walk 30 meters to go from my car to the order machine inside the fast-food, and guess what, even with so very little walking to do, my princess accidentally stepped out of her right pump twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, with the show she had already given me the previous week, I was starting to realize that those shoes were literally becoming impossible for her to keep on, and I couldn’t stop thinking “God, I really have to find a way to make her lose those slutty flats in front of everyone!!!!”

Hopefully, I wasn’t the only one that day who had noticed that she was really struggling to keep those ultra low cut pumps on her feet, especially when we joined my colleagues at their table as my princess’ shoes started falling off her feet repeatedly and quite loudly under her chair… And as you’ll see, it gave some people the irrepressible desire to strip her off from her precious shoes to make sure she wouldn’t be able to shoeplay anymore ;)))))))))))))))))))))))) Man, you won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see how many people actually deprived (or let other people deprive) my princess from her loose flats that day… All I did was to move her empty shoes just behind her chair while she was dipping, and people immediately took this opportunity to either kick them out of her reach or try to steal them to make sure the poor girl would be forced to stay completely shoeless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was even worse for her is that, simply by looking at her empty flats for a few seconds, people had Lisa all figured out and immediately knew that she loved to shoeplay (as it’s so obvious that those shoes are WAAAAY too loose and low cut when you look at them!!!), so nobody wanted to come to her rescue!!!!! Everyone around us could see that my poor princess was desperately trying to find her shoes with her feet under her chair, but not only they all decided not to warn her and leave her struggling in vain, but on top of that, they were clearly enjoying to watch her torment while people were slowly stealing her expensive flats and exposing her feet completely!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, it was literally like they were watching a “forced strip-tease” with strangers removing my wife’s clothes one by one without her consent, and all this in plain sight so that everyone could enjoy the show!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t miss this video, it’s a real goldmine ;)))))))

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Comments (6)

  • Jay

    Hey! Does she actually lose her shoes and leave shoeless in this video?

  • In reply to: Jay

    Hi Jay! No she didn't leave shoeless but it came REALLY CLOSE :p A guy tried to leave the fast food with her left pump but didn't succeed...

  • Ron

    When they are finally too loose to wear, would she sell them ?

  • In reply to: Ron

    I really don't think so... As a true shoe fetishist, she doesn't even want to throw out the shoes that she doesn't wear anymore, so imagine how hard it would be for her to part with her beloved black suede Jonak pumps...

    By the way, those shoes are already too loose to wear (you probably noticed it if you watched the 2 last videos with these shoes) but she doesn't want to admit it, and she still wears them at least twice a week at work :D:D:D (although it's true that they're still in very good condition as she takes really good care of them and regularly takes them to the cobbler)

    If you really want to get your hands on those pumps, I guess the only solution you have is to come to Paris and steal them while she's dipping in public at lunch ;)

  • Bob

    Great update! Does Lisa ever talk about her shoes stretching or feeling looser? Clearly she doesn't mind walking in extra loose shoes but she loses these so easily that I'm sure she makes excuses for why they keep falling off. I'd love to see her sitting on a stool or a tall chair where her feet hang, she'd be so vulnerable. :)

  • In reply to: Bob

    Hi Bob, it was indeed a great lunch ;) Actually no, she never brings up the subject herself because that’s clearly not something she’s proud of… It’s only when she steps out accidentally of her shoes in front of someone she knows that she usually gets embarrassed and tries to justify herself (sometimes she blames her nylons, saying they’re too slippery, sometimes when people joke about it, she says something like “it’s not easy to wear pumps when you have very thin feet!”), but people who truly know her usually just smile politely as they know perfectly well that most of her shoes are waaaaay too low cut and thus impossible to keep on. In fact, after “studying her” for so many years, I simply believe that she’s just addicted to shoeplay (that’s why she loves to wear very loose and low cut flats so she can remove them most effortlessly all the time) but the downside is that it means that her shoes tend to slip off when she walks (and sometimes they slip off completely like with her black Jonak pumps!!!) and I know that it REALLY embarrasses her when it happens…quite ironic isn’t it?!!! What especially kills me is that she’s willing to get in such embarrassing situations at work just so she can shoeplay all day, so it really tells a lot about her immoderate taste for shoeplay!!!!!! (I even remember some saleswomen in shoe stores telling her that girls with very thin feet like her shouldn’t wear strapless pumps or flats as they’re sure to lose them with every step, but of course my princess didn’t tell them that she wanted to buy them anyway because she simply LOVES to shoeplay!!!!)

    As for tall chairs or stools, I think I already told this but now she tends to avoid them when she wears her beloved black suede Jonak pumps. The last time she tried that, it was in a bar last winter with some friends, and she actually NEVER managed to climb on the stool without leaving at least one of her precious black Jonaks behind!!!!!!!!!!!! (the stools didn’t have a metallic bar to rest people’s feet, so like you say, she was terribly vulnerable with those shoes ;)) That’s also the great thing about winter, when her feet get cold they usually shrink a little, so she tends to lose her shoes even more easily (and you can imagine how useless those shoes are to protect her feet from the cold given the very little leather they have :D). After 3 failed attempts, the poor girl had no other choice but to leave her empty flats on the floor and she spent almost the whole time we were there completely shoeless, her nyloned feet hanging above the floor (really cute, especially as I had a perfect view on her empty toe cleavage pumps, and I regularly took some quick peeks at them just to admire the ridiculously low cut vamps :p:p:p). I remember telling her discreetly (so that our friends wouldn’t hear it) “Got a problem with your shoes darling?!!!” and she just said “My feet hurt” and she quickly changed the subject… Of course I didn’t believe a word of it as I had seen the whole thing happening and her shoes falling off her feet repeatedly despite all her efforts, so I thought “Yeah right, you just can’t keep those shoes on princess” (besides I don’t see how on earth those shoes could hurt her feet given how ultra loose they are, and the very little leather they have!!!!!!!). When we left she even complained that her feet were cold and boy I really had to restrain myself from snatching those slutty pumps right off her feet in front of everyone just to teach her a lesson (of course I didn’t say a word while our friends were there, but she got a nice long tickle on her feet when we came back home, and her little flats sure didn’t protect her feet from my “invading fingers”, no more than they could protect her feet from the cold :))

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