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Here you will find the latest videos of Lisa. 90% are filmed candidly (usually in public places with a hidden cam so she doesn't know that I'm recording) and the other 10% are filmed at home. Feel free to post your comments on your favourite clips ! If you're interested in purchasing one of my videos, please visit my clip store.

Stealing her new ultra low cut white pumps

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Last June Lisa's law firm organized a big 2 days meeting with all their attorneys in Deauville (a city in the north of France well known for it's luxurious resort and shops) and when Lisa called me on the phone the first...

Give the girl what she wants

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I taped this video while Lisa and I were having a late lunch with her mother. We had spent the entire morning in her new clothes shop to help her organize the space, and the whole time Lisa couldn't stop putting her shoes on...

Shopping and losing her flats at Ikea

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I taped this video a few weeks ago when Lisa and I went with her parents to an Ikea store near their town. That day Lisa was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a thick white wool sweater, a pair of tan nylon socks, and when I saw...

Another lunch in one shoe

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I shot this video a few weeks ago while Lisa and I were visiting a very good friend of mine in the centre of France. He took us visit his city and when we stopped in a fast food for lunch, I quickly switched on my spycam to...

A good lesson for loose shoe lovers

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This is another old video that I rediscovered on one of my hard drives. I taped it over 2 years ago while Lisa and I were helping one of her sisters move into her new apartment, and I took the opportunity that we had stopped...

The Ikea fun continues

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This video is the continuation of the previous one ("Shopping and losing her flats at Ikea"). When Lisa and I came back home, she was all excited because she loves to assemble some Ikea furniture (I think it's like Lego for...

Her loose pumps got her in trouble

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This is another video from my spring 2012 collection. That day I met Lisa in a fast food to have lunch with her and her assistant, and when I saw that she was wearing a black pants business suit with a white blouse, a pair...

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