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Here you will find the latest videos of Lisa. 90% are filmed candidly (usually in public places with a hidden cam so she doesn't know that I'm recording) and the other 10% are filmed at home. Feel free to post your comments on your favourite clips ! If you're interested in purchasing one of my videos, please visit my clip store.

Shopping and losing her flats at Ikea

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I taped this video a few weeks ago when Lisa and I went with her parents to an Ikea store near their town. That day Lisa was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a thick white wool sweater, a pair of tan nylon socks, and when I saw...

Stranded shoeless by strangers

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As I don't have much time at the moment I will just make a small update today, but it's really a great one :))))) A few months ago Lisa bought a new pair of brown patent flat pumps for work (from the Jonak brand as she loves...

The Ikea fun continues

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This video is the continuation of the previous one ("Shopping and losing her flats at Ikea"). When Lisa and I came back home, she was all excited because she loves to assemble some Ikea furniture (I think it's like Lego for...

Her loose pumps got her in trouble

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This is another video from my spring 2012 collection. That day I met Lisa in a fast food to have lunch with her and her assistant, and when I saw that she was wearing a black pants business suit with a white blouse, a pair...

Lisa's red patent ballet flats

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Early this year Lisa bought a pair of red patent ballet flats, and the first week-end that I saw her wearing them, I immediately noticed that both of her heels were already popping out of those new shoes when she was...

Exhibiting Lisa's ultra low cut flats

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This video is what I call a "classic" in my collection of lunchtime candids. I call it this way because every time I see Lisa wearing her extremely loose and low cut Jonak black ballet flats in public, I always make sure...

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