Here you will find the latest videos of Lisa. 90% are filmed candidly (usually in public places with a hidden cam so she doesn't know that I'm recording) and the other 10% are filmed at home. Feel free to post your comments on your favourite clips ! If you're interested in purchasing one of my videos, please visit my clip store.

Have you lost a shoe miss?

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Still going through my collection of lunchtime candids and I wanted to edit a series of videos that I shot last spring, and I'm sure you'll like them ;-))) We'll start with this video that I shot while Lisa and I had met to...

Partying with my Cinderella - Part I

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I taped this video last winter when my aunt and uncle came in our home for a couple days. All the family was gathering to celebrate my grandpa's 90 years old birthday and just before going to the party, Lisa, my aunt, my...

Stranded in one shoe during lunch

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I taped this video while Lisa and I were having lunch with her new assistant. She had just hired the guy a couple weeks earlier (he's quite old and looks almost like a grandpa so I was kinda relieved he wouldn't try any move...

Lisa's red patent ballet flats

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Early this year Lisa bought a pair of red patent ballet flats, and the first week-end that I saw her wearing them, I immediately noticed that both of her heels were already popping out of those new shoes when she was...

Exhibiting Lisa's ultra low cut flats

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This video is what I call a "classic" in my collection of lunchtime candids. I call it this way because every time I see Lisa wearing her extremely loose and low cut Jonak black ballet flats in public, I always make sure...

Partying with my Cinderella - Part II

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In the beginning of this second part, you'll get to see the end of our appetizer with my aunt and uncle. Lisa was still shoeplaying under her chair and as she played too much with her left pump, she got a hard time getting...

Confiscating Lisa's slutty flats in public

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I taped this video while Lisa had joined me to have lunch with one of my colleagues from work. We were already settled at the table when I saw Lisa arriving in the fast-food and what immediately caught my eye is that she was...

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