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Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 9

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This video is a goldmine for all those who love to see Lisa walking in her beloved black suede Jonak pumps ;))))))) I recorded it several weeks ago when we went to have lunch in a fast food with one of her female colleagues, but when I saw that Lisa was wearing her most loose and low cut pumps with a cute black dress and a pair of sheer nylons, I decided to park my car in a mall which was quite far away ;)))))))))))))) I told her that it was because I didn’t want to look for a parking space for too long (as it’s always hard to park in this area), but in fact I knew that walking so much in her ultra loose toe cleavage flats would be quite difficult for her… and boy was I right ;))))))))))))

Actually her first mistake was to wear those ridiculously low cut shoes with some visibly very slippery stockings, and I immediately noticed that her pumps were slipping off her feet dangerously with every step when I picked her up at her office, so I was sure that it wouldn’t take much to make her lose them ;)))))))))) But what’s even better is that we had to walk in a long dug-up street to reach the fast food, and as the sidewalks were inaccessible, people had to walk on the road one behind the other to let the cars pass us, and as you can guess, it got pretty hard for my princess and her precious loose flats ;))))))))))))))))))))))))) Man you just won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see how many times she literally stepped out of those slutty pumps in the street, and to make things worse for her, I pretended to be annoyed by her constant shoe losses, so she tried to walk a little faster but that just caused her more troubles ;)))))))))))))))

As you’ll see I managed to get A LOT of footage as I also recorded her after our lunch, the video contains 23 minutes of walking heelpopping and standing dipping (I only used the slow motion when she lost her shoes ;)))), and 21 minutes of under the chair shoeplay and dipping while we were eating in the fast food… In other words, this vid is really breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S.: You’re a hero if you manage to watch the whole video in one shot if you know what I mean ;)))))))))))))) ENJOY!!!!!!!

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