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The shoe thieves

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This video is another goldmine, and probably one of my favourites from the past few years ;)))))))))) I recorded it in September when I went to have lunch with Lisa and my new female colleague in a fast food near my work. For the little story, Lisa is a bit jealous of my colleague as she thinks that I spend too much time with her (we work for the same clients so we often go on business trips together), and although I had already told her that she was really not my type, my sweet Lisa wanted to meet her in person to see what she looked like (typical woman’s jealousy ;))))))) Anyway, when I came to pick up my princess at her work that day, I saw that she was wearing a black skirt business suit with a white blouse, a pair of black fancy stockings, and her ultra low cut white Jonak pumps, so I thought to myself: “This lunch should be interesting!” and boy was I right ;)))))))))))))))))))))

Naturally, I decided to park my car not too close from the fast food so I could make her walk a little (and a bit too fast for her ;))))) and record her feet discreetly with my phone at the same time, but what immediately caught my attention is that she was clenching her toes like crazy to prevent her fancy pumps from slipping off her heels with every step, and I quickly understood why… In just a hundred meters (and although she was constantly clenching her toes!!!!!), my princess stepped out of her pumps 3 TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you’ll see, this is due to the fact that those pumps are becoming really well worn (especially with all the walking she did in them since last summer), and as the leather has stretched a lot, now you can even see a gap at the toe box between her toes and the sides of her shoes, so her narrow feet literally swim inside them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now keep in mind that the ultra low cut vamps of those pumps were the only thing that kept her feet inside, but as they don’t cling to her toes at all anymore (well, to the tiny portion of her toes that they were covering!), now those slutty shoes just keep flying off her feet, EVEN WHEN SHE TRIES TO KEEP THEM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and what makes me really crazy is that it doesn’t even stop her from wearing them at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). My first impression quickly got confirmed when she started dipping at one of the order machines inside the fast food (I caught that with my phone too ;)))) and man, I bet you’ll be as shocked as me when you’ll see how easily the little slut was losing her shoes… but too bad for her, I wasn’t the only one to notice it that day…

As always, my sweet Lisa immediately started dipping mindlessly as soon as she sat down, but as the order machines were just behind our table, she didn’t realize that she was in fact teasing the entire room with her fancy stockings and her ultra loose and low cut designer pumps!!!!!!!!!!!! Because not only all the people who were making their orders had a perfect view under her chair, but on top of that, her skimpy shoes were making a hell of a noise each time they were falling on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I left many parts with the sound on so you’ll get to hear those loud “clacs”, and believe me, it was a real tap dance concert that could be heard from afar!!!!!!!!!!). As you can guess, this quickly brought a lot of attention on her feet (I even caught the college girls who were sitting on our right looking at her shoes!!!), but it’s nothing compared to the “attention” that a young couple decided to give to my princess’ pumps as soon as they came in after about a half hour…

Now as I don’t want to spoil you as there’s really a lot of suspense in this video (I actually found out what had happened and who had bullied Lisa only when I edited this video!!!), I’m not gonna describe everything that happened (besides it would take too much time!), but just ask yourself this question: Imagine that you’re with a friend who just hates shoeplay sluts as much as you do. Now imagine that the both of you spot a girl in a crowded place wearing the most loose and low cut pumps you’ve ever seen, and notice that she has BIG DIFFICULTIES to keep them on which makes her shoeplay even more… How far would you go to make her lose her shoes, and what would you do to her slutty toe cleavage pumps then??? Well, just watch and enjoy guys, I’ve been watching this vid over and over again for the past 2 months, and I just can’t get enough of it ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (9)

  • If you want to know how this video ends before buying the clip, just send me an email at yann@petons-lisa[dot]com
    If you want to post a comment, please don't spoil those who haven't seen the video yet ;)

  • Bob

    This video was fantastic. It’s super hot watching her struggle to keep on those loose flats. Thanks again!

  • In reply to: Bob

    Thanks Bob, glad you liked the vid ;) Yep, that's what really killed me when I edited the video. More often than not, she was really trying to keep her pumps on her feet, but those beauties are just so loose that they just kept falling off anyway :D:D:D

  • Tob

    Great clip, was worth to buy it ;)
    It must been really embarrassing for her to have her shoe problems in front of your colleague, especially when she is jealous on her...

    I also wonder, if Lisa might wears other shoes then pumps or ballet flats? It would be so hot seen her shoeplaying with Adidas Superstars or something

  • In reply to: Tob

    Thanks Tob, glad you liked the vid. Yes as you saw, above the table she was trying to act like everything was normal, but underneath her chair, her feet were really panicking :p
    As for Lisa shoeplaying with sneakers, that's something I have never seen... She only wears sneakers when she does some sport (which is quite rare) and she never plays with them. Generally speaking, you'll never see Lisa wearing sportswear to go out as she thinks it's really ugly...

  • Tob

    Are you planing a christmas update maybe?

  • In reply to: Tob

    That was the plan but I was too busy at work the last few weeks... I'll try to post the next video before the end of the year or in the beginning of January. Stay tuned ;)


  • fury104

    I love love LOVE your videos. This one is a definite purchase as a few other are over the years.

  • In reply to: fury104

    Thanks dude ;) Yep this one was really incredible given how bold that couple was and how far they went to deprive my poor Lisa of her outrageously loose pumps (and what really pushed me over the edge is how they couldn't resist coming back to look at her and her helpless feet after stealing her right shoe :D:D:D)

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