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Toe cleavage tease

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Hi guys, first of all I would like to wish you all a happy new year and all my best wishes for 2019!!! To start off this new year, I propose you a video for all the “walking heelpopping” and “standing dipping” fans, but most of all, for all the toe cleavage lovers ;))))))))))))))))))) I recorded it a couple months ago when I went shopping with Lisa, and then when we had lunch with one of her female colleagues in a fast food downtown. That day my princess was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a thick white wool sweater, and her outrageously low cut “Les Prairies de Paris” black patent designer pumps, but what immediately caught my eye is that (like she often does when she wears this pair of shoes) she was wearing them with a pair of very fancy stockings… As you’ll see, they were made of extra sheer white nylon & lace, but what really drove me nuts is that they were scandalously exposing her HUGE toe cleavage, and although the rest of her outfit was very prude (as usual), her feet made her look so slutty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I can’t even find a word that is strong enough to describe how indecent those 300$ pumps are as, except for her big toe, their microscopic vamps only cover her toenails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when she’s not doing anything, you know instantly that those shoes are not made to stay on, and it’s no wonder why so many people stare at her feet when she wears them (which she rarely realizes!!!!). On top of that, she really thinks that no one notices that those expensive pumps are outrageously loose, but just like her late André ballerinas, their red insoles immediately betray her as soon as she starts walking (because of course, with so very little leather to keep her feet inside, those slutty pumps slip off dramatically with every step, and in fact they can slip off completely at any moment if she’s not careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The first part is almost 20 minutes of incredible walking heelpopping and standing dipping in public while we were in the decoration store, and then you’ll get to see over 30 minutes of under the chair shoeplay while we were having lunch in the fast food. Don’t miss this vid, it’s really breathtaking ;))))))))))))))))) HAPPY NEW YEAR ;)))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (8)

  • mjd

    Can't wait to see some barefoot action in these!

  • In reply to: mjd

    Maybe this summer ;)

  • William

    Does she ever where these shoes barefooted, so that the amazing toe cleavage is wonderfully fully visible? Wow. I'd like to see that. We could see her clench her toes.
    See the shoes slip off from the front. Hope she does and you are there with your camera.

  • In reply to: William

    Yes don't worry, if she does and I'm around, I'll definitely try to capture it ;) Like I said she usually wears those shoes with very fancy stockings but she clearly likes to show off the scandalous toe cleavage of those pumps. Last summer I saw her wearing them with a pair of ultra sheer stockings (almost transparent) and her toes were completely exposed :D:D:D

  • Dave

    Hi Yann,

    Any plans for an update soon? I can't get enough of your videos! Thank you.

  • In reply to: Dave

    Hi Dave,
    Yes, the next video should be online in a few days ;)


    Would like to see Lisa dangle these shoes while wearing nylons in a video

  • In reply to: ROBERT J WAY

    I've recorded some dangling with these shoes while she was working in her office at home, I'll try to upload it when I get some time ;)

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