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Don’t miss this video guys, it’s already one of my all time favourites and I still can’t believe what happened that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Friday I went to have lunch with Lisa and two of her female colleagues, and my sweet wife was wearing a black short skirt with a white blouse, a pair of extra sheer stockings, and her new black suede Guess pumps. As you can imagine she did A LOT of shoeplay with those outrageously loose and low cut pumps (she was even losing them by the front when she had her feet crossed at the ankles under her chair!!!!!) but the really hot part is that the same male colleague who had stolen one of her black Jonak pumps a few months ago was having lunch just a few tables away with 3 other guys (I don't know if they were his friends or colleagues), and this time he and one of those guys got bold enough to steal BOTH OF HER PUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first I was really excited to see her shoeplay with her new Guess pumps as it was the first time that I was seeing her wear those shoes at work, so I wanted to catch as much shoeplay as I could with my spycam, but I decided to change my plans when I recognized the guy who had stolen her Jonak pump a few months ago (I'll call him "John") and saw that he was eating with his friends just a few meters away (he didn't salute Lisa and her colleagues but maybe it's simply because they don't work in the same division). Anyway, during a long moment, although Lisa was dipping and shoeplaying a lot under her chair, I didn't notice anything special at the 4 guys' table (but John was sitting on the opposite side so he couldn't see Lisa's feet) but things quickly got wild when they saw that she had “misplaced” one of her ridiculously low cut pumps ;)))))))))))))))))))) It was actually a real piece of cake to steal her shoes that day as Lisa and her colleagues were preparing an important meeting that they had in the afternoon, and while they were busy working on the documents that they had brought, I got plenty of time and occasions to look at her feet and seize every opportunity to embarrass her (because as you can guess, she just couldn’t stop slipping her slutty pumps on and off while she was reading and taking some notes, just like she does when she’s working at her desk ;-))))))))))))))))))))) So after a few minutes, when I saw that had dipped out of both of her shoes and that her empty right pump was now laying on the floor just a few inches away from my feet, I decided to take my chance and immediately kicked her shoe out of her reach behind her chair, and that’s when Lisa started to get into BIG TROUBLE ;-)))))))))))))))))))) In fact, the guy who was sitting the closest from her (just on her left) quickly noticed her empty pump (I bet the shiny silver insole quickly attracted his attention as I could also notice it from the corner of my eye!) and he obviously told his friends about it because you can see him in the vid moving his jacket so that John and his other friends could take a look at her ultra low cut pump!!!!!!!

Now of course I couldn't hear what those guys were saying, but this is what I think happened according to what I saw them doing in live and in the video: at first John must have probably told his friends all the "gossips" about Lisa and that she likes to wear very loose pumps at work (and I'm sure he told them about his little "feat" with one of her black suede Jonak pumps which he had kept between his feet for a long moment and examined from every angle, so maybe I'm overinterpreting but I'm sure that this guy is fascinated by the fact that Lisa's shoes have so very little leather to cover her feet and toes, especially as she can barely keep them on and I bet he hates her for that!). Anyway, after a little while, the four guys got up to get their hot meals (and took a good peek at her empty right pump!!!!) and they probably decided to plot against her while they were at the buffet because as you will see, when the guy who was sitting on her left came back, he discreetly warned John that her empty shoe was still behind her chair, and so John made a little detour just so he could steal her slutty pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I couldn't believe it!!!! The last time that guy had been quite lucky to steal discreetly one of her Jonak pumps as it was already next to his seat, but this time he got bold enough to kick her right pump twice, the first one to move her shoe away from her, and the second to send her precious Guess pump 10 meters away in the opposite alley behind us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually got a hard time finding out where her right pump had ended after he had kicked it (and almost got caught when I moved my backpack in front of the flower box that was on my right) but hopefully I managed to zoom on her shoe with my camera ;))))) I was trying not to look too often in my backpack but I was so impatient to see what would happen next (now that her slutty pump was so far away from her ;)))))))))) and man, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that her shoe was gone a few minutes later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's actually when I took a quick look behind me that I realized that one of the waitresses had put her little pump in the trolley where they were putting the empty meal trays, so I realized that they were taking it to the "losts & founds"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was fearing that Lisa's colleagues would notice it (as they were facing the other way) but hopefully the trolley was quite far and her shoe was almost hidden on one of the shelves (but I understood that it was her empty pump because the shiny silver insole was reflecting the light on the upper shelf!!!), and just a short moment later, the waiters took the trolley back to the kitchens ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Man I was about to try to get a shot at her shoe when I saw the trolley moving away, and when I quickly looked at the 4 guys at that moment, I understood that they had seen what had happened to Lisa’s right pump as they were looking at the trolley and laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now that I was sure that Lisa's right pump was gone for good, I decided to turn my attention back on her feet, because man, with those guys around, I knew that it was the perfect occasion to deprive her from both of those outrageous toe cleavage pumps ;-)))))))))))))))))))) And as I knew that John and his friends were now spying her closely (in particular the guy on her left who was often staring at her feet, and as you will see, it clearly drove him nuts to see - and hear! - that Lisa was still losing her left pump constantly under her chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I just waited for a good occasion to move her left pump out of her reach… Hopefully Lisa was still focused on her work and it didn’t take long before she started her favourite dipping routine (when she has her ankles crossed under her chair) and when I saw that she had played a bit too much with her remaining shoe and that it was now almost out of her reach under her chair, I decided to help the process along and just kicked her precious pump a bit more far behind her chair ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))) And just as I was hoping, the guy who was sitting on her left spotted it almost immediately, and only a minute later, he got up and kicked away her empty left pump several times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was talking with one of Lisa's colleagues at that moment I didn't see what that guy had done (but of course my camera did and I sure heard the unmistakable sound of her empty pump sliding FAST on the floor) and when I looked around just a few seconds later, her left pump had completely vanished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I quickly got up to get my coffee and on my way back, I made a LONG detour with my phone to see if I could find her shoe… and man, I can tell you that my heart was beating like hell when I realized that her left pump had in fact completely disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god, I just couldn’t believe what those guys had done… Not only they had made sure that Lisa wouldn’t find her right pump, but now John's friend had decided to take her left pump with him as a trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or maybe they were even planning to have some fun with her shoe discreetly outside!!!!!!!!!!). What stunned me is how quick and efficient they were… When they saw that they had a good opportunity to strip off Lisa from both of her slutty pumps, they didn’t hesitate and immediately took it as they were obviously thrilled to expose her stockinged feet, and boy, I bet they were also really impatient to torture one of her expensive designer pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god, I literally felt like they were discreetly stripping her, slowly but surely, and what really shocked me is that while his 3 other friends had apparently left the food court with one of her pumps, John remained seated for 15 more minutes, and it was just so obvious what he was waiting for... In fact, it wasn't enough for him to steal both of Lisa's slutty shoes... Now he also wanted to see her embarrassed and ashamed, and forced to walk back to work in just her stockings!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I bet that John had noticed at work that Lisa’s new Guess pumps were barely covering her toe nails, and as he obviously saw that she was having troubles to keep them on, I bet that he had been dreaming to make her lose those outrageously loose and low cut pumps for the past couple months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what’s really ironic is that my poor Lisa had probably innocently set this guy on fire for weeks without even realizing it, and now he was clearly enjoying his revenge by taking away her expensive designer pumps and stripping her into just her stockings in public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and man, if he could have left the food court with her little skirt, I bet he would have done it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Just make sure to watch the video until the end as I added a detailed description of what happened… and as you will see, the story isn’t over ;-))))))))))))))))))))))

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  • Bob

    Hello, just wondering if you have any upcoming videos on the way for the holidays?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Hi Bob, yes stay tuned, I'm uploading 2 new videos today ;)

  • greg

    Il faut vraiment que tu t'arrange pour que ce type puisse partir avec ses ballerines la prochaine fois !
    Au pire sacrifiez une vieille paire :-) Ce sera tellement excitant

  • In reply to: greg

    Sur le choix des chaussures il n'y a pas grand chose que je puisse faire, mais vu ce que ce mec a déjà fait aux escarpins de ma petite femme, à mon avis la prochaine fois il va s'arranger pour qu'elle reparte juste en collants (mais je pense qu'il a vraiment un faible pour ses escarpins noirs Jonaks et aussi ses Guess vu qu'elle les perd à chaque pas et à mon avis c'est ça qui le rend dingue). Je le suspecte aussi de la surveiller au boulot pour voir quelles chaussures elle porte et de déjeuner dans les mêmes endroits qu'elle quand elle porte ses chaussures préférées, donc j'espère juste que je serai là le jour où il va retenter quelque chose...

  • GREG

    Effectivement, ce mec lui en veut :-) La prochaine fois, il faudrait essayer d'envoyer la ballerine un peu moins loin pour voir s'il osera aller la récupérer juste derrière sa chaise. J'ai acheté la vidéo hier, j'espérais vraiment voir ce salaud ( lol ) profiter de sa ballerine ou s'enfuir avec :-) En tous vas, tu métonnes que les mecs sont excités par ses pieds, vu comment elle les bouge hmmm Ils doivent avoir envie de lui faire des trucs lol

  • In reply to: GREG

    Oui, je pense qu'il a dû bien engueuler son pote pour ne pas avoir réussi à embarquer avec lui un de ses escarpins Guess ! Et pour ce qui est de "profiter" de ses chaussures, je sais pas si tu as vu la vidéo "Wicked colleagues stole her pump" mais ce gars a quand même déjà passé une bonne dizaine de minutes à la caféteria avec un de ses escarpins noirs Jonak entre ses pieds (je pense que ça le fascine de voir que ma petite femme porte des escarpins avec aussi peu de cuir pour recouvrir ses petons, et vu le temps qu'il a passé à mater sa chaussure sous toutes les coutures, je pense qu'il a compris pourquoi elle les perdait aussi facilement !). En tout cas ne t'inquiète pas, la prochaine fois que je le vois dans les parages, je vais tout faire pour le tenter et on verra bien s'il ose lui confisquer ses petites chaussures pour de bon cette fois (mais à mon avis, vu comment il attendait de la voir revenir au boulot juste en collants la dernière fois, je pense que maintenant il doit être vraiment impatient de mettre la main sur ses escarpins Guess ou ses Jonak noirs ultra décolletés et je suis vraiment curieux de savoir quel sort il leur réserve :D)
    Au fait, bonnes fêtes ;)

  • GREG

    Merci ! J'ai hâte aussi de voir la prochaine fois ce qu'ils va tenter.. hhmmh mhmm
    Bonne fêtes à toi aussi :-D

  • JB

    Hey, great videos! I was just wondering if she has actually lost her shoes in any videos where she didnt end up finding her shoes and was forced to leave shoeless?

  • In reply to: JB

    Thanks dude ;) Well up to now she got really lucky as some people have already hidden her shoes in public or kicked them really far away from her (and almost managed to get away with one of her shoes a few times) but everytime she got saved by a waiter or someone who saw her empty shoe(s) and who either took it to the lost and founds or prevented the thief from stealing her shoes for good... Those who came the closest are some of her colleagues (that you can see in this video and in the "Wicked colleagues stole her pump" video) and given how "John" clearly has a thing for her ultra low cut pumps (especially her black Jonaks and her black Guess pumps) and how eagerly he was waiting to see her forced to walk back to work in just her stockings, I bet that next time he's gonna make sure that Lisa will never see her precious shoes again... My only fear right now is that he tries to steal her shoes during a meeting at work as I wouldn't be able to film it but hopefully they don't work in the same division so I guess he doesn't have much opportunities to strike at work...

  • JB

    Awesome! When she actually loses her shoes for the first time i will be the first one to buy that video haha keep up the good work!

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