Here you will find the latest videos of Lisa. 90% are filmed candidly (usually in public places with a hidden cam so she doesn't know that I'm recording) and the other 10% are filmed at home. Feel free to post your comments on your favourite clips ! If you're interested in purchasing one of my videos, please visit my clip store.

Girl I'm gonna make you lose those pumps!

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I taped this video just before Christmas but didn’t have the time to edit it until now… That day I went to have lunch at the food court with Lisa and one of my colleagues from work, and to say the least, my princess really...

The not so discreet dangler

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A few days ago I managed to make a video of Lisa’s feet with my phone while I was having a meeting with one of her colleagues, and although it was quite risky, the dangling and shoeplay that I caught was really worth it...

Indecent toe cleavage

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As promised, here is the first vid that I recorded showing Lisa wearing her new Guess black suede flat pumps, and to say the least, you guys are in for a big treat!!!! That day my sweet princess was wearing those...

Teasing with her toe cleavage pumps

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This is a video that I shot during our short Christmas vacations, and I know that a lot of you have been waiting for it… Yes, as you can see, I finally managed to capture my sweet wife wearing her ultra low cut LovelyPumps...

Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 4

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This is another great instalment in my collection of videos featuring Lisa’s beloved black Jonak pumps!!!! I recently went to have lunch with Lisa and one of her best friends in a fast-food, and that day my princess was...

The stolen Guess pumps

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Don’t miss this video guys, it’s already one of my all time favourites and I still can’t believe what happened that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Friday I went to have lunch with Lisa and two of her female colleagues, and my sweet...

Wearing her provocative pumps at the movies

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This is another video that I taped during the vacations and it’s a real goldmine ;-))))))))) That day it was raining at the beach so Lisa and I decided to go to the movies (to see the last “Mission: Impossible” with Tom...

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