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Outrageous dangling

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This is another video that I recorded this summer. At the end of July I took 3 days off work to join Lisa in our vacation house, and like almost everyday, she had invited one of her good friends who has a house nearby to come over to enjoy the pool. After Lunch the girls went on the terrace, and when I saw that my princess was starting a really wild dangling with her little golden Jonak pumps, I decided to join them (pretending that I was watching the “Tour de France” on my phone) so I could record her feet discreetly ;-)))) Man, I already knew that she would put on a hell of a show with those golden beauties as her bare feet were already almost completely exposed when she had them on (the ridiculous amount of leather on those pumps barely covers her heels and toenails!!!!), but what I caught with my phone that day was truly beyond sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

As you will see, each time she was crossing her legs, gravity was acting like an invisible hand removing most effortlessly her expensive shoes, and as she was constantly clenching her toes to try to keep them on, she just gave me an insane arch cleavage to look at!!!!! In fact, those slutty pumps are so incredibly low cut that you can even read the label inside her shoes or see completely through her shoes when her feet are still inside them, but what really got me hypnotized is when she started crossing her legs on the opposite side… On several occasions, I noticed that her little toe had slipped out from the front of her shoe, and at the moment I saw this, I couldn’t help thinking about what her clients had seen the past few weeks!!!!!!!!!! I mean, maybe it’s my fetish, but for me, her little toe slipping out of her shoe when she crosses her legs is just as slutty as if one of her boobs was peeking out of her blouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention the fact that the longer she stays like that, the more her tiny toes get exposed as her bitch pump just keeps sliding further and further down by the front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you’ll see this, you’ll understand why I couldn’t wait for her friend to leave so I could give my princess the punishment she deserved for teasing so much, and as you will see, she’s just so vulnerable with those skimpy flats that you can even tickle her entire feet when she still has them on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but needless to say that it doesn’t take much tickling to make her lose those outrageous pumps, nor does it take much effort apparently to yank them off her feet when she’s walking in the street, like more and more people seem to enjoy doing recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  • pisolithe

    Bonjour Yann. Je viens te souhaiter des bonnes fêtes et par curiosité, je souhaiterai savoir si ta princesse continue de mettre ses Jonak dorés? A plus.

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Salut Laurent et bonne année ! Tous mes voeux de santé et de bonheur pour toi et les tiens ;) Et oui Lisa continue à mettre ses petites Jonak dorées ;)

  • Mark

    Hi Yann, any new videos on the horizon?

    Keep up the great work!;)

  • In reply to: Mark

    Hi Mark, yes I will try to post some updates in February ;) Cheers


    Some questions:
    -Have you asked her:
    Does she really like to dangle her shoe? Is she enjoying the feeling of her shoe sticking out her toe? Or does she find it annoying and that she just can't help it? I was kinda wondering if she finds it a hassle that her shoe keeps on falling off of her foot and that she has pick it up each and every time. Is that the case? On the other hand, there are some girls that really love to dangle their shoe and they are either aware of this or that they do it on purpose. One girl said to me that she likes the feeling of her shoe hanging on her big toe :O
    -Has anyone told her in person and say: "Hello miss, I can't help but mention that I love the way you dangle your shoe. It is so lovely and attractive and quite cute to be honest." ;)
    -What is the word for shoeplay or shoe dangling in French? :)
    -Would it be possible if she could do this type of shoe dangling position?
    -If ever say the both of you had a child and it was a girl, would Lisa teacher her daughter how to dangle her shoe?

  • In reply to: GUEST


    When we started dating I asked her why she was removing and playing with her shoes all the time and she told me that she didn’t know and that it was an unconscious habit that she had since a very long time (and indeed I quickly found out that she was known as the “Cinderella” in her family because in her mother’s own words “she’s always removing her shoes”). Now as Lisa doesn’t tell me everything and that she isn’t always honest with me about her shoes (she often told me that men could have a shoe fetish but that women simply loved their shoes), I’m just sure of 2 things:

    1) She doesn’t shoeplay to tease men, I’ve seen her doing the most provocative shoeplays and dangles in front of her female friends, her parents or even elderly people… so it’s clearly something that she does in front of anyone, in any kind of situation, and without even thinking about it.

    2) After watching her shoeplay for so many years, I’m 100% sure that she LOVES to feel her pumps and flats slipping off her feet most effortlessly (she clearly has a “thing” for wearing ridiculously low cut shoes that slip off very easily). If it was bothering her, she would just wear more covering shoes (moccasins or even pumps that are less low cut) but if you look at her shoe closet, you can see that ALL her pumps and flats barely have enough leather to cling to her feet and show an outrageous amount of toe cleavage. What kills me is that she knows that with her extremely thin feet, this type of shoes are almost impossible for her to keep on (I can’t count how many times she ended up losing accidentally one or even both shoes), and yet I have never seen her wear anything else at work and in public (except boots of course when it’s too cold or raining). So clearly, it’s not just the look that she likes with her ultra low cut pumps, it’s also the fact that those shoes can be removed and played with VERY EASILY (and despite what she says, I know that’s the main reason why she keeps wearing this type of shoes… That’s actually why I like to confiscate her slutty pumps whenever I can: once she’s stripped from her precious loose shoes, she can’t deny she was shoeplaying :p

    Now to answer your questions more precisely:

    No she doesn’t complain when her Jonak pumps slip off accidentally (she’s really used to it, especially with the gold ones and the black suede). The only times I hear her complaining is when she loses her shoes in front of people who then stare openly at her feet and empty pump(s). Usually she blames her stockings out loud when it happens (I guess it’s a way for her to justify herself and feel less embarrassed), but IMHO it’s completely useless because when people look at her ridiculously low cut empty shoe(s), they immediately understand why she loses them so easily (and more often than not, people smile and make comments like “must be hard to walk with these shoes”!).

    No, as far as I know, no one has ever complimented her on her “dangling skills” or shoeplay, but she often gets compliments on her shoes (usually by her female colleagues and some of her clients).

    I never spoke with a French fetishist in real life so I’m not sure what we’d call it, but on the French forums, we use the same terms as in English (“shoeplay”, “dangling”,…).

    For the dangling position, with the hundreds of videos I have made, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for (besides, as most of Lisa’s shoes show so much toe cleavage, they all tend to dangle directly on the tip of her toes with a 90° angle so I’m sure it won’t be hard finding what you want ;)

    No, I don’t think Lisa would teach her daughter to dangle her shoes (lol), but she would probably raise her like her mother did with her, so I guess she would dress her with the same skirts, nylons and flat pumps to go to school… Starting from there, if she has the same narrow feet as her mother, you can be sure that she would dangle and lose her shoes, wether she’d want it or not!

  • JohnDoe

    Hi there Yann

    I was wondering if you knew about this site that makes extreme low cut ballet flats? I know you and Lisa would love it, they're custom made and they may be the only pair in the world that reveals a lot of toe cleavage but could potentially stay on her feet, which could make for some really interesting videos! Just thought I'd pass it on :)


    Take care


  • In reply to: JohnDoe

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the link, those ballet flats are really cute indeed ;) I'll show the page to Lisa but I'm not sure she will want to buy them... She already bought similar flats in the past and the leather was so "saggy" that she complained on the fact that those shoes were "very easy to lose but very hard to put back on" (once her heel slipped out, her feet couldn't get back in the heel cup properly as the leather tends to crush under her feet, so with her extremely narrow feet it was literally preventing her from walking as she had to stop every few steps to use her hands to pull the heel cups back on her feet)
    Cheers ;)


    Ooh is this very interesting.

    -Has she ever admitted that she likes or loves to play and dangle with her shoe?
    -Can she say that she is proud to be a shoeplayer/shoedangler?
    -Hehe will Lisa ever make a shoe dangling tutorial video? (which would serve as a guide to girls who want to learn the art of shoeplaying and shoe dangling ;) )
    -Has she ever stated other reasons why she loves to play or dangle with her shoes? There are some girls that play with their shoes because it makes them feel like kids? or that their feet get too hot or too tight in their shoe?
    -What was the reaction back then when you mentioned this to her? Does she ever think of thoughts like "eww, why are there creepy guys who are into my feet and shoes?" or "only weirdos and sickos get hooked into this stuff"?
    -She loves to cross her legs a lot (which is probably a girl thing)......but I guess this (along with her small and narrow feet) serve(s) as reason for shoe dangling.

    Is there anything else that Lisa can share personally about her life as a shoeplayer?

    I hope you can relay this to Lisa that she has fans all over the world. I am from the Philippines (a country in South East Asia) so you can tell that her shoeplaying and shoe dangling is world-renowned. Truly, Lovely Lisa is a superb shoe dangler :)

    Btw, can I also suggest Jelly flats like:


    Kartell Glue Cinderella

  • In reply to: BLITZ

    Hi Blitz, thanks for your kind comments ;)
    No, Lisa has never admitted that she likes to play with her shoes. When I told her that she had a shoe fetish years ago, she denied it and told me that men could have a foot fetish but that women simply loved their shoes. I know that she's not completely honest with me when it comes to her shoes because I think that she sometimes feels a bit shameful when she embarrasses herself in public with her ultra loose toe cleavage pumps. That's why I'm pretty sure that I don't even know the half of the things that happened to her and her shoes (back when she was young and even now). So I can't really answer your other questions as I'm not in her head, but what I can tell you after living with her for over 10 years is that:

    1) Yes she loves to play with her shoes. Actually she has a thing for losing her shoes, and more precisely, I know that she loves to feel her shoes slipping off her feet very easily. It's pretty easy to notice if you look at her shoes, most of them are extremely low cut on the toes, but also on the sides and at the back, and on top of that they slip off her feet with every step when she walks :D (actually I have already heard shoe store vendors telling her that her feet were too narrow for low cut pumps as they were too loose fitting for her but she always told them that she was used to it). And clearly the fact that I've never seen her wear anything else than her outrageously loose and low cut pumps, despite all the embarrassing situations they got her into, obviously proves that she has a shoe fetish. When I point that to her she often claims that it's part of the dress code where she works (she knows that I find most of her shoes really inappropriate for work - YES EVEN I DISAPPROVE IT ! -) but like I say, no one forces her to wear pumps that are SO LOW CUT... Now I don't make anymore comments about it as it tends to upset her, but like you saw, I get my revenge when we're in public by "encouraging" other people to steal her shoes when she's shoeplaying (and I particularly like to do that when she's wearing her "work shoes" :p)

    2) I think her fetish started when she was young. She comes from a very conservative (and religious) family and her mother always used to dress her with skirts, nylons and ballerinas or flat pumps (even in high school which was quite rare at the end of the 90's), and as her feet have always been extremely narrow, she just got used to wear very loose fitting shoes and probably quickly started enjoying it because she could remove them very easily and play with them in class.

    Wow it's getting late and I have to go. I hope I answered your questions the best I could ;)


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