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This is another video that I taped during the vacations and it’s a real goldmine ;-))))))))) That day it was raining at the beach so Lisa and I decided to go to the movies (to see the last “Mission: Impossible” with Tom Cruise), and to my great surprise, Lisa was quite happy about it… At first I didn’t realize why but when I saw that she had decided to wear a pair of blue jeans with a gray shirt, a pair of sheer nylon socks, and her extremely loose and low cut Jonak white pumps, I immediately understood that it was simply her beloved shoes that were cheering her up! I guess that she was just happy to be wearing pumps again to go out, but the cutest thing is that after a week of wearing her flip-flops barefeet at the beach, my sweet princess got some trouble readjusting to nylons (especially with her outrageously loose and low cut Jonak pumps) and my poor darling lost her shoes twice while we were walking to my car, which was parked only 50 meters away!!!!!!!!!!! Man, when I saw how much she was struggling to keep her beautiful white pumps on her feet, I knew that I had to tape her with my phone as much as I could, because it was clear that she would put on a hell of a show that day… and boy was I right!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we arrived at the mall, I immediately started my spycam app to record her feet discreetly, and as you will see, not only her heels were slipping out of her pumps dramatically while she was walking in the parking, but the little slut stepped right out of her shoes 3 times just to reach the elevator!!!!!!!!!!! (and I don’t count the moments where she only had the very tip of her toes still inside her pumps!!!!!!!). After seeing this my pants were already feeling very tight, but when she started checking her phone in the elevator and dipping in and out of her right pump at the same time, my underpants started to get wet!!!!!! Man, she was just so happy to be wearing her beloved pumps again that she couldn’t resist playing with them constantly, and her slippery nylons were sure encouraging her to shoeplay ;-))))))))

As we were a little early for the movie session, we decided to discover the mall for a moment and do some window shopping, and wherever we were, as soon as we were standing in the same place for more than 5 seconds, she was immediately dipping and playing with her slutty pumps!!!!!!!!!!! Actually what drove me really nuts was to see how easily her entire feet were coming out of her pumps, and how she could get them back on as quickly and easily as they had fell off… Saying that she can slip those ultra low cut flats on and off most effortlessly is not enough, I think I need a new word to describe it!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a little while we finally headed towards the movie theatre, and as soon as we started queuing, I saw that a lot of people were staring at Lisa’s pumps as they were popping off her heels with almost every step, but what immediately caught my eye is that there was a guy who was standing right behind Lisa, and from the moment he saw that my princess’ pumps were very loose, he started checking her out from head to toe and kept glancing down at her feet… He even made small talk with her but I bet that it was just to see her face and see how gorgeous she looked ;-))) As usual my sweet and naive wife didn’t realize that this guy was much more interested by her feet and shoes than by the movie, and when she started dipping right in front of him, I could see that she was putting him on fire!!!!!!

After this the poor guy followed Lisa like a puppy, making sure to stand near my princess wherever she was (and he sure got close when she was buying candies), and although he was there with 5 other friends, he literally ditched them in the hall so he could pretend to read the movies brochure while he was spying on Lisa’s shoeplay!!!!! The show got even hotter when the usherette asked the persons who were there for Impossible Mission to come closer to the entrance as my princess lost accidentally her right pump while she was walking over there, and Lisa’s lurker sure didn’t miss it as he was walking right behind her and next to me!!! Now what really finished convincing me that this guy was totally hooked on my wife’s feet and shoes is when we finally entered the movie theatre… Although his friends had decided to settle on the seats in the middle, he asked one of his friends to follow him and he decided to sit 10 seats away… just where Lisa and I had settled !!!!!!!

As you will see I managed to record Lisa’s feet when we sat down in the movie theatre and even when they lowered the lights to show the previews, and boy she was really having troubles to keep her shoes on!!!!!!!!!!! Everytime she was crossing her legs, her little pumps were immediately dangling precariously on the tip of her toes, and although she kept putting them back on by wiggling her toes, her slutty shoes just kept falling off her feet and landing more or less loudly on the floor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually my sweet Lisa didn’t realize how loud she was being with her shoeplay and after a few minutes, I started hearing people around us breathing loudly in annoyance everytime she was losing a shoe. When the movie finally started a few minutes later, of course I couldn't record her feet anymore with the lights down, but as Lisa was still dangling and losing her provocative pumps regularly, after 5 minutes I decided to take advantage of the darkness to discreetly confiscate her shoes and make sure that she wouldn’t be able to get them back (I stranded her completely shoeless for over 5 minutes but cute as she is, she managed to make me feel sorry for her when she told me that her feet were getting cold so I gave her her shoes back;-))))

When the movie ended, Lisa and I went to have a drink in a nearby café, and as she still couldn't resist dangling her little pumps, I decided to tape her again discreetly with my phone ;-))) The show that she was putting on was in fact so gorgeous that at one moment, I started fantasizing on her beautiful shoes, and on how easy it would be to snatch them right off her feet and run off with both of her slutty pumps in my hands ;-)))))) Man, just thinking of her completely shoeless and helpless in an unknown city made me really hard, and although it was just a fantasy, she would really have deserved it that day !!!!!!!!!!

Finally we headed back to the mall and I managed to tape her again while she was walking in front of me, and the least I can say is that her nylons were still giving her a hard time (and clearly those pumps have stretched noticeably since the last time I saw her wearing them at work). As you will see, her ridiculously low cut pumps often fell off her feet without warning while she was walking, and as I was following her closely with my phone (pretending to type a work message), I managed to make some incredible shots of her empty flats as her precious shoes often ended between my feet (and sometimes under!!!!).

Guys, don’t miss this video, I can tell you that you’ll have to split it in parts to watch it entirely because you’re definitely gonna break your cock otherwise ;-))))))))))))))))) Just so you know, I have left everything at normal speed so you’ll get to see exactly what I saw that day, and as I said, there is really A LOT to see ;-)))))))))))

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  • Bob

    Wow! that was an amazing video. I was shocked at how easily she was losing her shoes. Does Lisa ever complain about not being able to keep her shoes on? Which of her jonaks does she struggle walking or dangling in the most?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Yep it really drove me nuts too to see how much she was struggling to keep her white Jonak pumps on her feet that day :D Yes I have already heard Lisa complaining on the fact that she couldn't keep her shoes on, but most of the time it happens when she loses her shoes accidentally in front of people and usually she blames her stockings and says something like "I shouldn't have worn those nylons today!". I think it's a way for her to justify herself and feel less embarrassed when she steps out of her shoes in public, but I know from my experience that she doesn't fool much people when she says that (as usually people have the reflex of looking at her ridiculously low cut empty shoe and they immediately understand why she loses them so easily).
    As for her loosest Jonak pair, I think it's a tie between the black suede and the brown ones, but I would say that her beloved black Jonaks are the most spectacular as the leather barely covers 5% of her feet so it really doesn't take much for those slutty pumps to slip off completely!!!

  • Karl

    Spectacular! Just hope this doesn't spell the end of the black Jonak's

  • In reply to: Karl

    Don't worry, I don't think that Lisa will ever part with her beloved black Jonak's, she's just too much in love with those shoes! (and they are by far her favourites). The only thing that could stop her from wearing them is if someone steals those pumps while she's dipping in a food court or a restaurant, and as some of her colleagues have already managed to deprive her momentarily from one of those pumps in public (and that I know for sure that at least one or two of those colleagues really want to make her lose permanently her favourite black Jonak's), I wouldn't be surprized to see her coming home completely shoeless one day if she keeps wearing those ridiculously loose and low cut pumps at work...

  • BLITZ009

    Haha instead of focusing on the movie screen, you're distracted by Lisa and her shoe dangling. xD

    I wonder though: Does Lisa still long or desire to keep her shoe on her foot? =)

  • In reply to: BLITZ009

    Yep I sure missed some parts of the movie ;) As for your question, it depends on the moment, sometimes I can see that she's really trying to keep her shoes on by clenching her toes and wiggling them to put her shoes back on everytime they dangle, but sometimes she doesn't even bother to clench her toes and just playfully dangles. It also depends a lot on the shoes she wears because with her black Jonak's for example, she has clearly given up the fight as she knows that those pumps will slip off no matter what she does, so more and more I notice that she just lets them dangle or slip off completely.

  • Bob

    Hey I was wondering if you have any new clips of Lisa walking and losing her brown Jonaks with nylons or with her white and black pumps?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Hi, not at the moment as I haven't been at home much the past few months but I'll try to record Lisa if I see her wearing those shoes when I'm around.

  • blackomega

    If I were Lisa, I would just let the shoe fall of my foot and just leave it on the floor. I could just dangle barefoot (with my foot hanging mid-air)

    It just seems inconvenient for Lisa to just keep on picking her shoe up every time it falls off from her foot.

    Or I wonder: Is Lisa the kind of person that just has to have her shoe on her foot?

    I think Lisa would make a great subject for psychology and behavioral analysis. If I were a social scientist, I would think that Lisa would make a great test subject to determine on why girls dangle their shoes ;)

  • In reply to: blackomega

    Agreed LOL :) Actually she often leaves her shoes on the floor when they slip off her feet but I rarely keep those moments in my vids (or cut a lot of it) as I don't want to bore people buying my vids with moments of "inactivity". But yes Lisa would indeed make a great test subject for a research project on shoeplay... Personally I would be annoyed in just 2 minutes if my shoes kept slipping off my heels with every step like most of Lisa's shoes do, and even after all these years I often ask myself how she dares to wear such ultra loose shoes at work :D

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