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Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 11

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I recorded this video just a few days after the last one (see “Toe cleavage tease”). That day Lisa asked me to drive her again to the decoration store before lunch as we had received a coupon for our previous big purchase, and although I didn’t have much time, I decided to take her anyway (actually not really to please her, but mostly because after driving her to work that morning, I knew what outfit she was wearing ;)))))) As always my princess was looking very cute and preppy with her black pants business suit and her white blouse, but to complete her outfit, she had decided to wear her outrageously low cut black suede Jonak pumps with a pair of white silk stockings, and boy with such a combination, I knew that she would have the greatest difficulties to keep her precious shoes on that day (which quickly got confirmed as she immediately lost her right pump when she stepped into my car ;)))))))))))))))))))

Now as you’ll see in the first 20 minutes of the video, I managed to record her discreetly with my phone when we were in the street or in the decoration store (and again when we arrived in the fast food), and man, you just won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see how precariously her little shoes were holding to her feet… Just watching her climbing the stairs of the decoration store with those ultra loose fitting pumps, I almost lost it, and I sure wasn’t the only one since almost all the guys that we came across were staring at her feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was really crazy is that I could see that a lot of them were simply waiting for the moment where my princess would lose her shoes accidentally, and they didn’t have to follow her very long to see their wish come true ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))) Completely absorbed by her shopping, my poor sweetheart just didn’t realize that her expensive pumps were slipping off her feet more and more dangerously with every step, and she just ended up losing her shoes completely in front of everyone multiple times (and what really drove me nuts is that more often than not, it’s only when one of her stockinged foot was landing completely shoeless on the floor that she was realizing that she had lost a shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After this we joined one of my best friends for lunch in a fast food, and the show continued but not for the reason I thought... Ironically, Lisa quickly complained that she could feel a cold draft on her feet everytime someone was coming inside the fast food, and my friend openly mocked her as he couldn’t understand why she was wearing her little skimpy pumps instead of a pair of boots with the very cold temperatures outside… My princess told him that it was an obligation at her work (but boy, all I could think was “well, no one forces you to wear such outrageously low cut pumps darling!!!!”). As she was really starting to freeze, the poor girl had no other choice but to clench her toes almost the entire lunch to try to keep her slutty shoes on so that her tiny feet wouldn’t get too cold… Unfortunately for her, the only result she got by clenching her toes is that, not only she exposed her HUGE arch cleavage (you could’ve slipped your whole hand in there!!!!!!), but with her white silk stockings, her ultra low cut bitch shoes were still slipping off her feet anyway, slowly but surely (and sometimes even by the front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so she quickly had to face the fact that she wouldn’t keep her designer pumps on her feet very long ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Man, just imagine that you’re invisible and hiding under her chair to remove her shoes against her will in public… She’s trying to resist, but despite all her efforts, you just keep snatching most effortlessly her beloved little pumps right off her feet to expose her fancy stockings to the world… Well that’s exactly what gravity did to her that day ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (4)

  • jay

    hey! does she lose her shoes for good in this video? big fan!

  • In reply to: jay

    Hi Jay ! Unfortunately no, although it would have been pretty easy since the people who were having lunch behind her were visibly dying to steal her ultra loose pumps that day :D:D:D As you can hear in the video, she was making a hell of a noise with her little flats as they were constantly falling off under her chair, and some guys clearly couldn’t bear the fact that her shoes were so loose!!! The only thing that saved her is that her feet were cold, so she always slipped her shoes back on too quickly to give me a chance to kick them out of her reach… but boy, I would have paid good money to see what those people would have done to her expensive pumps if they had managed to get their hands on them…

    Don’t worry though, the more she wears those slutty pumps, the more loose they get, and the more people try to make her lose them for good one way or the other. I’ve noticed the past few months that a lot of people are starting to get really bold when she wears them (even some complete strangers who “verify” how easy it is to knock them off, or find an excuse to take them off her feet momentarily!!!) so I’m convinced that the days of her beloved black Jonak pumps are numbered :p

  • Lee

    Her losing her shoes on the steps reminds me of the scene early on in the Disney cartoon of Cinderella, which is one of my favorite parts of that film. Now if only Lisa were into clear heels ;) haha

  • In reply to: Lee

    Lol :) I actually called her "Cinderella" that day because she was losing her shoes constantly, that's why I couldn't resist tricking her into losing them when we were walking in the street (just too easy :p)

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