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Punished for playing with her shoes!

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I recorded this video just a week after the previous one in the same fast-food (“Lisa strutting in her new designer pumps”), and for those who watched it, you might remember that the waiters manager was really mesmerized by my wife’s little pumps, especially when he saw that she had misplaced one of her shoes during some long minutes but was still removing/losing constantly the other one… Well, when that guy saw Lisa coming back a week later with an even more loose and ultra low cut pair of flats (her little Jonak golden pumps which she was wearing with a pair of sheer nylon socks) and that on top of that, she had the greatest difficulties to keep them on, this time he decided to give her a good lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I didn’t see if that guy had spotted her immediately when we arrived with Lisa and my friend, but what’s sure is that he followed her like a puppy when she went to the restrooms (and I bet that the fact that she lost accidentally both of her shoes when she got up from her chair attracted his attention!!!), because after seeing my princess’ pumps slipping off her feet dramatically with every step, he spent the rest of our lunch standing behind our table (sometimes right behind Lisa but most of the time 3 or 4 meters away), and I quickly noticed that he couldn’t stop staring at her feet!!!!!! Man, clearly he was trying to see just how loose my princess’ pumps were, and although he quickly got his answer as she was constantly losing them under her chair, he just kept on watching, obviously fascinated by her ultra low cut slip-ons and the fact that she was losing them so easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course when I realized that Lisa had a “secret admirer”, I decided to keep an eye on her feet so I wouldn’t miss a good opportunity to rid her of her shoes, and hopefully I got a good occasion near the end of our lunch and managed to kick her right pump out of her reach behind her chair ;)))))))))))))))))))))) As you will see, her empty flat ended up almost under a bench that was behind us (so the manager couldn’t see it from where he was standing), but when he realized that Lisa was missing a shoe, he quickly checked all the alleys to find it, and that’s when my poor princess started to get in really big trouble ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Man you just won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see how ballzy that guy was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly, he had been dreaming to take off my wife’s pumps right off her feet the entire lunch, and now that one of her shoes was in reach, not only he didn’t even hesitate to confiscate it, but he even took all his time to examine and ruin her ultra low cut shoe, and all this right behind her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what’s even more crazy is what happened then: he told one of the waiters who was cleaning the tables behind us to take Lisa’s empty pump to the checkout counter to make sure that the poor girl would be forced to finish her lunch with only one shoe on her feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I still can’t believe how badly this guy wanted to unshoe my wife in front of everyone (because as you’ll see, that bastard visibly wanted to take both of her pumps when he was standing behind her chair!!!!), and all this because he realized that she loved to wear ultra loose and low cut pumps all the time and couldn’t stop removing them in public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully for my sweet princess she didn’t stay in one shoe for too long as she spotted a few minutes later 2 waiters at the checkout counter who were actually playing a “fight” to get hold of her shoe!!!!!!!!!!!! So she got up without a word to retrieve it discreetly but me and my friend caught her as the waiters were laughing loudly when they gave her her shoe back ;))))))))))))))))))) The poor girl turned bright red when she walked back at our table and she told us “Those guys are crazy! They downright took one of my shoes!” (she even removed it when she was back in my car to check if they had damaged it!!!!) and she immediately asked us if we were ready to leave, clearly to change the subject ;)))) Man, I must confess that I’m really glad to see that I’m not the only one anymore who finds it really indecent to see her wearing those Jonak golden pumps in public, and it’s clearly not a coincidence if so many people have already yanked them off her feet “accidentally” in the street… She’s just so much showing her love for shoeplay by wearing those shoes that even some complete strangers want to take them off her feet to give her a lesson… and if people keep helping me like this, I’m sure we can finally rid her of those slutty low cut pumps once and for all ;))))))))))))))))))))))) Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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Comments (2)

  • Bob

    This was a great video thanks for sharing! I’m impressed that she can walk as well as she did without losing them. Do you think they’ve become more loose than her other Jonaks? They definently stretched so much that the large gaps at the back make them look too big for her tiny feet. Has she said anything about how much they stretched?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Thanks Bob, glad you liked the video ;) Surprisingly I think her black suede Jonak pumps are looser than the gold ones. I recorded her with my phone recently when she was walking in the street with her black Jonaks and she stepped out of them accidentally multiple times!!!! I think it’s because the toe vamps are even more low cut on the black ones (showing even more toe cleavage) so she often gets caught off guard with those shoes as her toes can very easily slip out accidentally when she walks, whereas her toes look (a little) more concealed in the gold ones… That’s actually because the leather on her gold Jonaks is so thin and stretched out that her feet slide A LOT inside them now (creating those huge gaps that you saw at the back) and apparently she tends to push her feet as much as she can inside the toe boxes when she walks so she doesn’t step out of them accidentally (and as you saw she manages to walk surprisingly well in those shoes!). Ironically I think that it’s only when she sits down that the gold ones become even more hard to keep on than the black ones, because the heel cups and the sides are now so low that they expose her feet almost entirely, even when they’re still completely on her feet!!!! (and that’s probably what made that manager go nuts, because as you saw he didn’t even hesitate to confiscate her right shoe after examining it closely, and he obviously couldn’t bear the fact that my princess was wearing a pair of pumps that was so outrageously loose and low cut!!!). And yes, a few months ago I made a comment to Lisa on the fact that her gold Jonak pumps seemed really stretched out (especially the heel cups), and as she had them on her feet that day she couldn’t deny it, and she admitted that they were indeed very hard to keep on… Now she tends to avoid the subject because she knows that I disapprove the fact that she wears them at work, but like I said in the video, she just loves to shoeplay with them so much that she just won’t listen :D

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