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Shoeplay compilation - Vol. 2

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This is a first compilation of what I caught this summer. It includes 2 great shoeplay and dipping videos, and for each one, I did a huge editing job to leave the audio everytime I could (only when no one was talking at our table) so you’ll get to hear the cute “CLAC” noises that my princess was making with her little shoes ;)))))

I recorded the first part just 4 days after the group of teens had stolen Lisa’s Zara ballet pump. I decided to take her to lunch in the same fast food as I was really curious to see if she had learned the lesson this time, but also if her little bullies and the same waiters would be there and recognize her ;))))))))))))))) What I immediately noticed is that she was wearing her pink patent Buffalo ballet flats (her “safe shoes” like she calls them) along with a black pants business suit and some extra sheer stockings, so at least she had made an effort to wear shoes that weren’t as loose as her beloved Jonak pumps or her late Zara ballet pumps, proof that she wanted to be more careful this time and didn’t want to lose a shoe accidentally again (although her Buffalo flats are VERY LOOSE on her narrow feet, they’re not as low cut as most of her other shoes, so they’re less prone to accidental shoe losses, especially when she’s walking). In fact, this time she knew that we were having lunch with my friend again, so I highly suspect that she changed shoes before leaving her office… But what my princess had clearly underestimated was the propensity of her Buffalo ballerinas to slip off her feet each time she crosses her feet under her chair, and above all, the f***ing noise they make everytime they fall on the floor ;)))))))))))))))))

What really drove me nuts is that, just 2 minutes after we had made our orders and settled at our table, the same waiter who had “helped” me to look for her missing Zara pump came to bring our lunch, and not only he openly looked under Lisa’s chair to see what shoes she was wearing that day (hopefully she didn’t see him as he was right behind her), but on top of that, when he saw that both of my princess’ ballerinas had already slipped off her feet, he shook his head no like he was saying “Man that little slut really can’t keep her shoes on”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually it wasn’t even her fault since she had her legs tucked under her chair at that moment, so as she just had her toes resting on the floor, her loose flats immediately popped off her heels ;))))))))))) That waiter then spent his time spying my princess’ feet everytime he got the chance (walking right behind her chair when she was dipping!!!!) so there’s no doubt that he was dying to see her end up shoeless in front of everyone again… but as you’ll see, he wasn’t the only guy who wanted to confiscate her shoes that day ;)))))))))))))))))) During our lunch, a family of tourists settled at the tables on our right, and after staring at her feet for 5 long seconds, the man conveniently decided to sit right next to Lisa… and not even 10 seconds later, my princess had already lost her left ballerina loudly right under his nose, and she started playing with her empty shoe just a few inches away from his feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you’ll see (AND HEAR!!!!!), her loose flats were constantly slipping off her feet under her chair but she wasn’t even trying to resist, simply letting gravity remove them most effortlessly, but with all the noise she was making and the show that she was giving to that poor guy (he was as close as me from Lisa so he had THE most perfect view under her chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), it quickly drove him nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much that in fact, that bastard decided to “bully” her discreetly by throwing something inside her left shoe while she was playing with it and she didn’t even notice it, and neither did I until I edited this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recorded the second part of this video just a week after the first one. As you’ll see, summer was finally here and my princess was looking really cute that day with her very short black skirt, her white blouse, and her ultra loose and low cut white Jonak pumps that she was wearing barefeet ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))) When I joined her and 2 of her female colleagues at the food court, they were already settled at one of the tables, but as I was giving Lisa a kiss, I immediately noticed that she had already lost one of her shoes under her chair and that she was trying to retrieve it discreetly with her bare foot… and that’s when I noticed that she had some white nail polish on her adorable tiny feet!!!!!!!!!! When I saw this, I immediately thought: “Man, why bother matching your nail polish to the color of your shoes in a pair of closed toe pumps???!!!!!!!”. Well the answer was pretty obvious considering the shoes she was wearing… Those ridiculous pieces of leather are so low cut and slip off so easily that she knows perfectly well that people get to see her feet A LOT when she wears them, whether she wants it or not!!!!!!!!!!!! (just another proof of what a foot tease she is!!!!!!!!!). So not only I knew that she was in a “shoeplay mood”, but god, when you’ll see all the things she did with her tiny toes that day, you’ll understand why I had to hide a growing erection during the entire lunch ;))))))))))))))))))))))))

Man, just seeing her huge toe cleavage when she was simply keeping her shoes on was already a real torture, but when she started slipping her slutty pumps on and off and began her toe curling routine, grabbing the leather of her empty shoes with her toes and exposing her beautiful bare feet to the world, it became really hard for me to focus on the conversation ;))))))))))))))) What’s even better in this second part is that I managed to get even more sound than on the first one (even 2 women are less talkative than my friend!!!), so you’ll even get to hear some shoeplay noises (typical of what I hear everytime I have lunch with my princess in this food court ;))))))))) It’s actually from that day that I noticed that Lisa was wearing her beloved white Jonak pumps much more at work since that group of teens had stolen one of her Zara pumps, but as you’ll see in future videos, after a few months of intensive wear, those slutty flats have become almost impossible to keep on with nylons (and I’m almost sure that some of her colleagues have something to do with it since I already caught 2 of them deliberately stepping on the backs of her black Jonak pumps to crush down the leather around her heels even more, making her shoes literally unkeepable for her, so I wouldn't be surprized to see that they started doing it with her little white Jonaks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ENJOY ;)))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (10)

  • Charles

    We haven't seen the pink buffalo (is that a brand name?) flats since 2014, and she had them for years before that. I like them. I know many prefer bare feet, but I vote for nylons. Keep posting. Thanks.

  • In reply to: Charles

    Hi Charles, thanks for your support ;)
    Yes, "Buffalo" is a shoe brand, and yes, I've been missing those cute shoes too ;) Like I already said in previous comments, she has worn those shoes very rarely the past few years, and as she keeps them in a drawer in her office, I had very few occasions to catch her wearing them... That's also why I'm pretty happy that those teens stole one of her Zara ballet pumps because since then, she has been wearing her pink Buffalo ballerinas and her white Jonak pumps a lot more :)

    FYI, for those who have been wondering, since September the shoes she has worn the most are :
    - Her white Jonak pumps
    - Her "Les prairies de Paris" black patent pumps
    - Her new blue suede Jonak pumps (I'll make a post on those new shoes soon ;))
    - Her black suede Jonak pumps
    - Her pink patent Buffalo ballerinas

    As for your preference for nylons, I can see why you like Lisa ;) if you have seen most of my videos, you probably already know that Lisa is much more a "nylons girl" (she wears stockings or pantyhose 90% of the time). Personally I also like to see her bare feet because her toe cleavage is much more spectacular (especially with all her Jonak pumps :D) but usually she only does it when the temperatures get very hot...

    Cheers ;)

  • pisolithe

    Bonsoir Yann. Moi aussi je suis un fan de Lisa quand elle est pieds nus. Ce qui me plait beaucoup, c'est la finesse de ses pieds. Pour les chaussures, les ballerines Buffallo sont superbes. Je regarde souvent avec délice la foi où elle était a l'aéroport en Italie. Elle faisait un dangling et un shoeplay de folie. Tu n'as pas parlé de ses Jonak dorés que j'adore. Est ce qu'elle les a porté pieds nus cet été.

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Salut Laurent, ça fait un bail !
    Oui ma princesse a un peu porté ses petites Jonak dorées pieds nus cet été mais depuis la rentrée c’est assez rare… Je crois qu’elle évite de les mettre au travail en ce moment car elle trouve qu’elle les perd trop facilement quand elle marche maintenant (elle m’a fait une réflexion là-dessus cet été). La seule fois où je l’ai vue les mettre depuis la rentrée c’était un jour où il faisait un peu plus froid et elle les avait mises avec des collants noirs un peu épais (donc à priori pour qu’elles lui tiennent mieux aux pieds, mais du peu que j’ai vu, ça n’a pas servi à grand-chose :D)


    Délicieux ton commentaire et merci encore. Ta princesse est merveilleuse. Maintenant que je la connais au travers des vidéos, je crois que je ne pourrais pas tenir plus d'une seconde en face d'elle. Rien que le bruit de ses chaussures tapant le sol à de quoi en rendre fou plus d'un...

  • In reply to: PISOLITHE

    De rien, c'est toujours un plaisir d'échanger avec ceux qui aiment les petons de ma princesse autant que moi ;)
    Oui, la première partie de cette vidéo est l'illustration parfaite de ce que tu dis. Y'en a qui deviennent vraiment fous quand ils voient avec quelle facilité Lisa perd ses petites chaussures, mais ce qui me fascine le plus après tout ce temps c'est l'audace dont font preuve certains ! Juste par curiosité, tu ferais quoi toi si tu déjeunais à côté d'elle dans un lieu public ?

  • Tob

    I hope due the lost of her Zara Shoes, she will wear the Buffalos more regulary now. I've seen many girls wearing them and they seem to force their owner to play with.

  • In reply to: Tob

    Hi Tob, yes, like I told Charles, she has been wearing her pink patent Buffalo ballet flats more often (and her white Jonak pumps even more often) since her Zara pump got stolen. I like how you describe her Buffalo flats ;) Indeed, as those shoes are so loose, they tend to "force" her to shoeplay, but I guess you can say that of all her shoes! (especially all her Jonak pumps as they're all so outrageously low cut AND ultra loose, so yeah, most of the time it's simply the fact that her shoes keep slipping off that makes her shoeplay so much :D)


    Does she still wear her Andre flats (the one with the pink insole)???

  • In reply to: BLITZ

    No, a woman stole those shoes from Lisa in a food court a long time ago (see the video "People stole Lisa's ballet flats and left her shoeless in public!!!")

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