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The stolen Zara pump

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Don’t miss this video guys, it comes directly in my top 3 all time favourites!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recorded it in early summer during a Friday lunch with my princess and one of my friends from work, and after so many years of innocent teasing with her ultra loose Zara white & black ballet pumps, my sweet Lisa finally came across a group of people who literally couldn’t stand the fact that she was shoeplaying so much with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you will see, not only those people spent their entire lunch observing how easily my princess was losing her little pumps under her chair, but as soon as they got the chance, they stole one of her beloved shoes to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to wear them EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have already said in a previous post on my blog, Lisa’s Zara pumps were by far (with her beloved black suede Jonak pumps), the shoes that people had the most snatched, yanked off, kicked away, crushed, stepped on or stolen/hidden in public over the years, only this time, her usual luck ran out, and the bastards who “bullied” her that day gave her no other choice but to part with these cute little shoes that she loved so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This vid is actually not only great because of the incredible turn of events, but also and mainly because Lisa’s shoe fetish and “secret passion” for shoeplay really got exposed that day, and she got in VERY BIG TROUBLE because of that ;)))))))))))))))))))))))

When I came to pick up Lisa at her work that day, I immediately noticed her outfit, and the least I can say is that it made me “bug” for a few seconds (it was a premiere for me but clearly not for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a very cute white summer top (the one with a prude lace decoration around the neck and the shoulders), her matching white silk and lace ankle socks, and her ultra loose Zara pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, somehow it gave me a mixed feeling… In one hand I thought that she was just too cute with that “innocent and girly” look, but on the other hand, I thought that those little socks and her shoes were really inappropriate for work (even if it was Friday wear) as they were both telling so much about her shoeplay fetish, especially with the huge gaps at the back of her Zara pumps…

I actually couldn’t resist telling her “You’re wearing your princess socks today honey??!!!”, and her answer really drove me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She told me that with this “little trick”, she could wear her beloved white & black Zara pumps at work again, as those socks were (in her own words) “thick enough to make them stay on”… But god, just looking at her feet, I could see that it was really not the case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only her heels were still slipping out of her pumps with every step (and for good reason, those socks are made of silk!!!!!!!!!!!), but on top of that, they weren’t even thick as I could almost see her pale skin at the heels while I was walking behind her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, obviously the princess wanted to shoeplay all day long at work with those outrageously loose pumps, and she seriously thought that people wouldn’t notice that her shoes were too big for her with those frilly socks!!!!!!!!!!! But too bad for her, her little artifice produced the exact opposite effect ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

After walking briefly with Lisa in the street and arriving in the fast food, I had already caught several people staring at her feet (some with very insisting looks!!!) and I could see that they were completely mesmerized by her little socks and her ultra loose pumps… Even my friend (who was already waiting for us at one of the tables) was staring at her feet, and yet he knows her pretty well and is used to see her in the most loose and skimpy shoes all the time!!!!!! So I quickly knew that her white frilly socks would get her A LOT of attention that day, but little did I know that it would go that far!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite what she thought, her “little trick” just made people focus even more on her slutty shoes… and when some of them noticed how scandalously easily she was losing her ballet pumps, and how much she loved to remove them all the time (especially with all the noise she was making with her heavy pumps as they were constantly falling under her chair!), they decided that my poor Lisa would go back to work in just her silky socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI, I also managed to film Lisa discreetly with my phone when she was walking before our lunch AND ALSO RIGHT AFTER IT (that’s why the video is 55 minutes long!). It was quite risky but it was just too tempting to catch a souvenir at the end ;)))))))))))))))))))))) Not only you’ll see her looking desperately for her missing shoe inside the fast food (with just one loose pump on her right foot and a white immaculate silk sock on the other ;))))))))))))), but what’s even better is that you’ll be able to watch the difference between her attitude before and after lunch ;)))))))))))))))))))) Man, people really made her regret her urge to shoeplay with those slutty shoes that day ;))))))))))))))))))))))) ENJOY GUYS, THIS VID IS A GOLDMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comments (10)

  • Bob

    Wow that was amazing! Did she ever comment on what happened? I'm gonna miss those shoes they were some of my favorites.

  • In reply to: Bob

    Yep, definitely one of my greatest catches :)
    No, she never talked about it again and given how upset she was that day, I didn't dare to bring up the subject... Actually, as she knows that I have always found her Zara pumps really inappropriate for work, I bet that she was also upset because my friend and I were there that day, and she probably feared that I would give her a speech on how right I was about those scandalously loose pumps (so if she talks about it, it's clearly not gonna be with me...)
    Yes, I'll miss those shoes too, she was always putting a hell of a show everytime she was wearing them... but god, wouldn't you have done the same thing as those guys if you had been there that day?!!!

  • jealco

    WOW! I've been waiting for the day you caught a video of her permanently losing one or both of her shoes!

    The only thing that would have made it better, at least for me, is if she had been rocking those pumps barefoot that day.

    Excellent catch, man!

  • In reply to: jealco

    Thanks dude ;) Yes, personally I prefer to see her in extra sheer stockings or barefoot too, but actually I think that it’s the combination of her little lace ankle socks and her ultra loose Zara pumps that really drove people crazy that day... Not only everyone was checking her out, but the expression on people’s face was literally meaning “Did your mommy dress you up this morning young lady?!!”. So when on top of that, they saw that her little pumps were outrageously loose and constantly slipping off her feet under her chair (which made a hell of a noise!), they decided to take her shoes, just like they would have bullied a schoolgirl for shoeplaying too much in class :D:D:D

    By the way, if you haven't seen them already, I strongly recommend you to check out the videos "People stole Lisa's ballet flats and left her shoeless in public!!!" & "The wicked colleagues' revenge" (in those 2 vids, people managed to steal BOTH of her shoes in public :):):))

  • Jealco

    I will have to look into those the next time I get paid.

    Oh, I'm sure they were. I can't imagine anyone NOT looking. How could any sane, red-blooded man ignore that show? How could any sane, red-blooded woman not be jealous of the attention Lisa is stealing?

    You, sir, are a lucky man. Thanks for sharing her explots with us!

  • In reply to: Jealco

    Thanks man ;) Yes indeed, my sweet Lisa always gets a lot of attention, and you're right, women can be so mean to each other when they're jealous (just check the video "Wicked colleagues stole her pump" to see how it all started between Lisa and some of her colleagues at work who always try to make her lose her shoes whenever they get the chance, especially when she wears her beloved black suede Jonak pumps :D)
    Anyway, thanks for giving me your feedback ;)

  • Dan

    What is the current status of Lisa's lonely remaining Zara pump?

  • In reply to: Dan

    Hi Dan, I think she tossed it in the garbage when she came back to work but I don't know for sure...

  • Tob

    Poor Lisa, that was quite embarrassing for her, I think.
    Did she had other shoes for work or did she finish the day only with socks?

  • In reply to: Tob

    Hi Tob, yes she was really mortified when she had to leave the fast food with only one shoe on her feet, especially as everyone was looking at her :p
    Yes, she always keeps 2 or 3 pairs of shoes in her office. When she came back home that day she was barefoot in her black suede Jonak pumps (the sole of her left sock was really stained after walking with one shoe in the street so I guess she removed them immediately when she arrived in her office)

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