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People stole Lisa's ballet flats and left her shoeless in public!!! - Part 2

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In this second part, you will see the last 45 minutes of our lunch (with some non-stop under the chair shoeplay and some epic shoe losses!!!!) and finally, how some people managed to get their hands on both of Lisa’s outrageously loose and low cut André ballerinas, and made sure to send her back to work completely shoeless and ashamed ;-)))))))))))))))))) Now there’s really A LOT of things that happened during this video so it would take too much time to describe them all in detail, and besides, considering the turn of events, I think it’s better to let you feel the emotions the way I felt them, just like you were there with me (because believe me, this vid is full of surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now just so you know, I counted at least 7 people who either moved, crushed, kicked away and stole her shoes that day, but the real crime wasn’t perpetrated by the person you would think!!!! By the way, as you will see there was also some of Lisa’s colleagues eating there (Lisa didn’t know them but apparently her colleague did), and I highly suspect that some of them were friends or colleagues with John (the colleague who already “borrowed” twice Lisa’s shoes) because some behaviors were quite explicit to say the least… One colleague in particular seemed to be very interested by Lisa’s low cut ballerinas and didn’t even hesitate to take pictures of them more or less discreetly with his phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now seat back and enjoy, and try to answer that question: what would you do if you were sitting right behind a lady in a crowded food court and noticed that, 1) she is wearing a pair of low cut ballerinas that are VERY loose, 2) she can’t stop dipping and playing with those slutty flats, 3) her shoeplay is careless and annoying for her table neighbors and everyone around her in general, and 4) (if you’re a woman) you recognized that she was wearing the expensive “Katherine Pradeau” ballet flats for André (a limited edition made by a french designer) ????? Well look what some complete strangers decided to do, and I bet that you’ll think that those guys have the balls of an elephant!!!!!!!!!! Man believe me, you’ll be sorry if you miss this vid, it’s probably one of the hottest things that I’ve seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  • Skye

    Finally! It's about time someone got away with her shoes! I wonder what's happening to her black flats now.
    Does she still shoeplay a lot with her other shoes even after losing these flats?

  • In reply to: Skye

    That's funny, I asked myself the same question when I got back to work later that day ;) That's why I went to have lunch with her just 4 days later as I couldn't wait to see if she would have learned the lesson, and to say the least, no she hasn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess the main problem is that she hasn't renounced to her collection of low cut flats and pumps (she really LOVES her shoes) and as most of them are extremely loose on her feet, they just slip off constantly whether she wants it or not, so I guess it just makes her shoeplay all the more.
    Just so you know, I'm almost done editing the video that I shot just 4 days after her André flats got stolen, and I'm sure you'll be as shocked as me when you'll see all the shoeplay she did with her beloved brown Jonak pumps that day, and guess what, her precious shoes ended up getting kicked under different people's chairs AGAIN :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Abzapthane

    Any chance she can wear white socks next time?

  • In reply to: Abzapthane

    Lisa sometimes wears a pair of white lace ankle socks but only at home or occasionally when we go out on weekends to visit a place (as they're a bit thick, she usually wears them to make her loosest shoes fit better, and quite often it's with her black suede Jonak pumps). I'll try to shoot a vid next time she wears them.

  • Skye

    Wow, can't wait to see it!
    It sounds like she needs to be taught the same lesson again! If you find that woman again while you're with Lisa you should kick Lisa's shoes over to her and see if she wants them, I'm sure she'd be happy to take them!
    Although, if you're alone and you find that woman wearing Lisa's flats, another idea instead of ruining them (like you said in your reply to willy. btw love that idea) is you could take them and hide them somewhere to see if someone else steals them. That way she'd get punished for stealing Lisa's shoes by having to leave shoeless and someone else would get to enjoy those loose black flats!

  • In reply to: Skye

    Yep, like I said in the video, I just hope that Lisa will be wearing her beloved black suede jonak pumps next time I see that woman again at the food court...
    When she will see that there's almost no leather on those pumps and that they're even more loose than her André ballerinas, I'm pretty sure that she's gonna try to steal them at the first chance she gets, and I'm really curious to see how far she's gonna go to strip off my poor Lisa from her favourite shoes in public!
    As for that lady getting punished for stealing Lisa's André ballerinas, don't worry, if by any chance she dares to wear them at the food court and that I manage to steal at least one of them, she WILL be forced to leave completely shoeless given all the scissor cuts that I intend to make on those flats!!!!!

  • jimmydoe

    HMm, j'ai acheté la vidéo, sympaaa :-) Depuis le temps que j'attendais qu'elle se fasse voler ses shoes la coquine de Lisa ^^ Si ça se trouve le mec s'est branlé dans les ballerines de ta nana en les sniffant et les a bien rempli en insultant ta coquine de Lisa et en imaginant qu'il se lâche sur ses plantes de pieds.. Ensuite il les a redonné à sa vieille pour qu'elle les porte comme ça..Hmm j'espère qu'elle s'en fera voler d'autres

  • In reply to: jimmydoe

    Ouais, on peut dire qu'ils l'ont vraiment eu par surprise ces deux là !!! Je sais pas si c'est la femme (pas si vieille que ça d'ailleurs, elle devait avoir une quarantaine d'années) ou son mari ou collègue qui voulait le plus subtiliser les ballerines de Lisa, mais ce qui est sûr c'est que les deux ont participé au vol, et de quelle manière !!!!
    Mais effectivement, c'est marrant de voir que c'est souvent des gens dans cette tranche d'âge qui essaient de déchausser Lisa ou de lui voler ses chaussures en public (comme ce gars et sa femme au Mac Do qui avaient essayé de sortir du resto avec une de ses ballerines rouges vernies). En tout cas oui, c'est pas exclu que cet enfoiré ait voulu voler les ballerines de Lisa pour les inonder de sperme, et je dois admettre que je le comprends vu comment il a dû voir qu'elle les perdait beaucoup trop facilement et qu'elle ne pouvait pas s'empêcher de faire du shoeplay devant tout le monde... En plus je suis sûr que ça doit bien l'exciter d'avoir piqué les ballerines d'une jolie blonde (et avocate de surcroît) et comme tu dis, s'il a vraiment fait ça pour ça, il doit bien la traiter de salope quand il s'occupe de ses petites chaussures maintenant...

  • Abzapthane

    Awesome to hear! I can't wait to see someone steal her shoes and leaving her in just her white socks and watching her try to keep them clean while finding her shoes!

  • Ray

    Show her face man

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