Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 4

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This is another great instalment in my collection of videos featuring Lisa’s beloved black Jonak pumps!!!! I recently went to have lunch with Lisa and one of her best friends in a fast-food, and that day my princess was wearing those outrageously loose and low cut pumps with a long gray skirt, a white blouse, and a pair of extra sheer stockings. As you will see I managed to catch A LOT of footage while she was walking outside and inside the fast-food, and boy it was a real shoe loss festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what drove me really nuts is that not only she was dipping wildly while she was standing in the waiting line, but the little slut even lost her pumps accidentally in front of everyone while she was walking and climbing up the stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god I still can’t believe that she dares to wear those ultra loose flats at work (and in fact I know that she often does!), and when I saw how much she was struggling to keep them on her feet that day, I quickly wanted to give her a lesson… Hopefully as Lisa and her friend spent almost the entire lunch speaking to each other, I got plenty of time and occasions to watch her feet, and boy the “shoe loss festival” continued when we settled at our table!!!!!!!!!!! As you will see, she just couldn’t stop playing with her little pumps under her chair and was constantly crossing her feet at the ankles so that gravity could suck her loose flats right off her feet, and it was quite obvious that she was really enjoying it!!!!!!! The only downside is that she was constantly slipping her shoes on and off so it actually took me quite some time to manage to steal discreetly one of her pumps, but after about 30 minutes I finally got what I wanted…While she was busy talking with her friend, I managed to kick her left pump behind her chair and her slutty shoe ended up in the middle of the alley behind us ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

As you will see, although A LOT of people were walking right next to her empty pump (and most of the time, people had to be careful not to step on it!!!!!), no one wanted to come to her rescue or even warn her that her shoe was in danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple (or colleagues) even settled at the table right behind us, and they spent their entire lunch with Lisa’s empty pump laying right next to their feet and they were obviously thinking that she was much better without one of her pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually as they had a perfect view under Lisa’s chair, they obviously noticed that she was still playing constantly with her remaining shoe (and they probably also noticed that her pumps were VERY LOOSE) so it’s perfectly clear why they didn’t want to help her (besides as her empty left pump was laying so close from their feet, it’s quite obvious that they saw that Lisa was wearing some ultra low cut toe cleavage pumps and it sure convinced them that she didn’t deserve any help!!!!!!!). Now for the tasty part, after about 20 minutes a group of young boys and girls arrived upstairs, and when they spotted Lisa’s empty pump, they kicked it away and apparently decided to have some fun with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you will see I’m not even sure of what happened to her left pump for almost a half hour, but what I’m sure of is that one of those girls picked up Lisa’s expensive shoe and went to the toilets with one her girl friends right after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, my heart skipped a beat when I realized that her left pump was gone but when I saw that she was still losing regularly the right one under her chair, I thought that it was the perfect occasion to make her lose both of her beloved black Jonak pumps for good ;-)))))))))))))))))))) So I decided to wait for another good opportunity and after some long minutes, I finally managed to kick her right pump out of her reach behind her chair and in plain sight so that those young girls could see it ;-))))))))))))))))))))))

Unfortunately, when Lisa realized after a few minutes that both of her precious Jonak pumps had now disappeared from underneath her chair, she quickly started to panic and decided to get up to find her shoes (sorry guys it’s not on tape as my spycam ran out of power after over an hour), and to my great surprise, when she came back at our table a short moment later, I saw that both of her slutty pumps were now back on her feet!!!!!!! As her friend was facing me I didn’t dare to look at Lisa while she was looking for her shoes so I didn’t see where she had found her left pump, but as I had took a look around a few minutes earlier, my best bet is that after having some fun with it, those young girls had discreetly got rid of her shoe under the counter that you can see in the video, and Lisa probably thought that it was a waiter who had put it there!!!!! What really annoyed me is that Lisa seemed pretty happy to come back at our table completely unnoticed as her friend hadn’t realized anything (or at least she didn’t say anything about it) and boy it drove me even more crazy to see that the little slut was playing again with her ultra loose pumps just a few seconds later like nothing happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man when I saw this I wanted to snatch her skimpy flats right off her feet and tear them into pieces so I decided to wait until the end of our lunch to try something else… First I followed her closely while she was walking down the stairs, and as she was taking very small steps to avoid losing her little pumps, it took her ages to reach the floor level and I even managed to film her again with my phone and caught her losing accidentally her right pump!!!!!!!!!!! Then after saying goodbye to her friend, Lisa walked out of the fast-food and I made sure to walk right behind her with my phone ;-))))))))))))))) My goal was to step on the back of her pumps to make her lose them and rip the thin suede leather a bit, but just when I was about to snatch her right pump, the poor girl lost it accidentally and ended up half shoeless in the street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I still can’t believe how her beloved Jonak pumps are now simply impossible to keep on, and boy, I can tell you that she’s gonna have a hell of a bad day next time I see her wearing those shoes at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, don’t miss also the beginning of this vid as I added a little surprise for you guys ;-))))))))) (It’s not in the screenshots but let’s just say that I also took care of her shoes at home ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Don’t miss this video guys, it’s an early Christmas gift ;-)))))))))))

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  • Adam

    Hi. Any new videos coming soon? Thanks

  • In reply to: Adam

    Hi Adam, yes I should have a little more free time next week so I'll try to edit some of my new stuff ;)

  • Bob

    Hey I was just wondering if we could expect an update this week?

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