People stole Lisa's ballet flats and left her shoeless in public!!! - Part 1

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DON’T MISS THIS VIDEO IN 2 PARTS GUYS, IT’S A REAL MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the day that I (and a lot of you) have been waiting for has finally come!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, some people got bold enough to strip off Lisa from BOTH of her ballerinas in a crowded food court, and not only one of them left the restaurant with her slutty low cut flats in his bag, but as a consequence the poor girl was forced to walk back home completely shoeless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shot this video one Friday during the Easter Vacations, and that day Lisa asked me to come pick her up at her work so we could go to the mall before going to the food court for lunch. As it was a Friday I knew that Lisa would be wearing jeans with flats, but as soon as I saw her, I was pleased to see that she was wearing her well worn André black ballerinas that I hadn’t seen her wear in a long time, and boy it was just a treat for the eyes ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Man, not only her heels were popping out of her ballet flats with almost every step, but the little slut couldn’t stop dipping wherever she was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess that the extra looseness of her shoes combined with the slipperiness of her silky nylon socks were encouraging her to shoeplay, because as you will see, she was obviously taking great delight in slipping her feet in and out of her ballerinas most effortlessly… But too bad for her, that day I wasn’t the only one to notice that she couldn’t stop dipping and that her beloved little shoes were ridiculously loose…

In this first part you’ll get 13 minutes of almost unedited footage where you can see Lisa walking outside and inside the mall (unbelievable heelpopping and some accidental shoe losses too!!!!!), doing some standed shoeplay, then walking outside and inside the food court, dipping wildly while we were getting our meals and at the checkout, and finally the first 20 minutes of our lunch once we settled at the table where one of her female colleagues was already waiting for us. Prepare yourself guys, this vid is PURE MADNESS ;-)))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (2)

  • saphir

    you have very sexy feet. Are they ticklish? Hope, tey are as ticklish as pretty!!

  • In reply to: saphir

    Yes they are!!!!! It's actually my favourite technique when I want to "punish" her :p As you can see most of her shoes are extremely low cut so usually I tickle the exposed part of her feet (her arches and toe cleavage are the most vulnerable) until she loses her shoes, and then I tickle her soles until she begs for mercy... She hates it when I do that :p

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