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This is a video that I shot during our short Christmas vacations, and I know that a lot of you have been waiting for it… Yes, as you can see, I finally managed to capture my sweet wife wearing her ultra low cut LovelyPumps high heels again!!!!!!!!!!!! And the best part is that she was wearing them barefoot so needless to say that you’re in for a really indecent toe cleavage show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I was just so happy that the weather was so warm in France for Christmas but I didn’t think that Santa would bring me such a treat, especially as 90% of the time now Lisa keeps those pumps in a drawer of her desk at work (so being away from home quite often really doesn’t offer me much occasions to see her wearing them…).

I started recording her feet with my phone while she was having her breakfast in the kitchen, and man there was such a contrast between what you could see of her above the table, and what she was showing or doing underneath… In fact, while she was looking so cute and innocent with her sweet angel face and her prudish white blouse and grey vest, it was a whole other story when I was looking at her feet and shoes as not only her toe cleavage was indecent to say the least, but of course she was losing her precious pumps with her slightest moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you will see I managed to make some nice close-ups of her feet while she was crossing her legs, and man it was such a treat to see that gravity was slowly pulling her shoes off although she was trying to keep them on, and boy all I could think was “If you wanted to keep your shoes on your feet, you should have picked another pair princess!!!!”. Man I can tell you that it was really hard to resist the urge to slip my fingers inside her huge arch cleavage, especially as after just a few seconds, her ultra low cut pumps were slowly starting to slip off her heel and toes at the same time, exposing 99% of her foot and boy, it was really tempting to tickle her arch or to bump “accidentally” her foot to make her lose her precious footwear…

After breakfast I also managed to record some very nice standed dipping while Lisa was speaking with her mom on the phone, and as you will see I even managed to capture her gorgeous bare soles while she was repeatedly and so easily slipping her tiny feet in and out of her little pumps ;-))))))))))))) I then went to finish preparing myself as we had to leave to visit my brother but when I came back in the kitchen and saw that Lisa was still on the phone (and still dipping wildly!!!!!), I told her to hurry and decided to stay next to her until the end of her phone call… As usual Lisa couldn’t care less that we were late (women have such a strange comprehension of time when it comes to speaking with their moms!!!) and although it started annoying me a bit, I just couldn't get my eyes off her feet as she was clearly enjoying the extra looseness of her shoes and the fact that they were exposing her feet so much ;-))))))))))))))) Finally after some long minutes I got tired of waiting so I decided to find a way to get her attention, and I quickly came up with a naughty idea ;-))))))))))))))))) As she was apparently so proud to expose her beautiful feet so much, I decided to tickle her toes and arches to see if I could make her lose her pumps, and indeed it didn’t take long before I won the fight and her shoes ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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