Lisa's indecent pumps confiscated and abused

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After what had happened to Lisa’s André black ballerinas at the food court, I was really curious to see if she would continue to shoeplay in public with her beloved flats and pumps, because man, she sure got a hell of a humiliation when she was forced to leave the food court completely shoeless… So I decided to have lunch with her just 4 days later, and boy I immediately got my answer as soon as I saw her!!!!!! In fact she was looking really cute with her gray pants business suit that day, but when I saw that she was wearing her outrageously loose and low cut brown Jonak pumps with some extra sheer nylons, I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep them on ;-))))))))))))))))) And indeed, it didn’t take more than 5 seconds (as soon as she started to walk) before I noticed that her pumps were slipping off her heels with every step, but on top of that, she was frequently stepping out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the first 10 minutes of this video you will see her walking with those ultra loose pumps while we were going from the parking lot to the bank and then to the fast food where her good friend from work was waiting for us, and I also captured some very hot standing dipping while we were waiting for our orders… The only problem for my poor Lisa is that she didn’t realize that she was drawing a lot of attention on her feet with all the noise she was making with her shoes on the hard wood floor of the fast food, and not only a lot of customers and almost all the waiters started to stare at her ridiculously loose and low cut pumps, but after her little dipping session at the checkout in front of everyone, people sure kept staring when she started to walk to find a table, and they all saw that her heels were slipping out of her pumps with every step!!! (not to mention that she lost accidentally her right pump very briefly at that moment but the little slut made sure to quickly slip it back on!). Man I almost wanted to make a sarcastic comment out loud just to embarrass her in front of everyone as I really couldn’t believe that she was being such a tease just 4 days after having both of her ballerinas stolen at the food court, but I preferred to shut my mouth as I knew that it would be a piece of cake to strip her off discreetly from her loose pumps under her chair ;-)))))))))))))))))))

As expected, the dipping, shoeplay, and shoe loss festival continued as soon as we sat down, and boy, you’re gonna go nuts when you’ll see how slutty her shoeplay was… I even left a short moment of the video with the sound on so you’ll get to hear how much noise her loose pumps were making when they were falling on the wood floor… Believe me, when you’ll hear that, you’ll understand why people (and the waiters in particular) seemed to think that Lisa’s pumps were really indecent for a pair of work shoes and that she needed to be taught a lesson!!!!!! As you will see, I got some good occasions to move her pumps out of her reach while she was playing with them, and as it was still the Easter vacations, I got some help by some young people (it’s funny how the youngest ones always want to crush and abuse Lisa’s expensive shoes when they see how loose they are, but the craziest thing that day is that their parents saw what they were doing but they didn’t tell them to stop ;-))))))))))))))))))))

Finally I managed to kick both of her shoes way out of her reach, and boy it was just so exciting to see that people were staring, moving and crushing her empty bitch pumps without her even realizing it, and not only no one wanted to help her (or even warned her!), but obviously, everyone was happy to see that someone had finally deprived the little slut from her noisy loose pumps and that she couldn’t reach them anymore (and man, the waiters’ attitude was quite explicit to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The best sight for me was to see that while her left pump was being “taken care of” by one of the waitresses (she kicked it under a table that was occupied by a group of tourists, probably hoping that they would steal it because as you will see, I got the proof with my spycam that she was deliberately trying to torment my poor Lisa!!!!!!!!!), her right pump ended up under the chair of a guy who somehow “played” with it for a short moment, and although he had perfectly seen that this shoe belonged to Lisa and that she was discreetly trying to locate her expensive pumps under her chair, he didn’t do anything to help her and just kept staring at her ultra low cut pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a bonus, I added in the last 3 minutes of the video what I captured when we left the fast food, and also what I did to her brown Jonak pumps the following day (yep as you can guess I couldn’t resist creaming those bitch pumps given how indecent they are, and her feet got really dirty when she wore those pumps again just a few days later ;-)))))))))))) ENJOY GUYS, I’M MAKING A HUGE DISCOUNT ON THIS ONE SO YOU’LL GET MORE THAN 30 MINUTES FOR FREE ;-))))))

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Comments (9)

  • tt

    Wow, isn't she embarrassed after the last time?
    Great site!

    Is Lisa wearing sneakers or boots too? If wonder, if she plays with them as well.

  • In reply to: tt

    Yeah she wasn't so proud when she had to walk completely shoeless in front of everyone to retrieve her pumps, especially as a lot of people had seen what had happened to her shoes during lunch so they were all staring when she slipped them back on :) Yes, she sometimes wears boots in winter (and sneakers very rarely, she's not a big fan of sports) but no, she doesn't shoeplay with them.

  • Bob

    Loved this video! Those shoes are probably my favorites. Do you have any incoming dangling videos?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Sorry Bob I missed your post... Yeah I love those shoes too, they're probably one of the loosest pair she has at the moment :p Yes, I have lots of unedited videos (including some dangling vids) but absolutely no free time at the moment to edit them... stay tuned!

  • John

    Or You can just upload some of the older previews that got taken down from YouTube

  • Pete

    Another great clip Yann, keep up the good work!
    Those shoes are indeed incredibly loose, does she wear them a lot?

    Also, it would be great if you could leave the sound on more in your upcoming videos like you did in this one. I understand you want to protect Lisa's privacy, but I think her shoeplay is even more hot when you can hear the noise that she makes with her shoes!

  • In reply to: Pete

    Thanks Pete ;) Yes she likes those shoes A LOT (well she's in love with all her Jonak pumps!) and has been wearing them at work quite frequently the past few months. Yes, I know what you mean, she was really attracting a lot of attention with all the noise she was making with her shoes that day (especially on that wood floor), that's why I tried to leave the sound on for a little while so you could hear how loud and slutty her shoeplay was ;) I'll try to leave the sound on more often if I can but it's not always easy as Lisa and her colleagues are usually quite talkative...

  • Dave

    Can't wait for the next update, hopefully soon?

  • In reply to: Dave

    Hi Dave, yep the next update is coming soon, stay tuned ;)

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