Girl I'm gonna make you lose those pumps!

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I taped this video just before Christmas but didn’t have the time to edit it until now… That day I went to have lunch at the food court with Lisa and one of my colleagues from work, and to say the least, my princess really drove me insane with her little shoes that day!!!!!!!!! She was wearing a black short dress business suit with a pair of tan silky stockings, and what immediately caught my eye is that she was having the worst difficulties in keeping her (almost new) black suede Guess pumps on her feet!!!!!!!!!!!! As you will see, when we arrived in the food court, I managed to record her feet with my phone while we were walking and waiting at the checkout, and not only her heels were slipping out of her pumps with EVERY step, but the little slut just couldn’t stop dipping in and out of her precious shoes while we were standing in the queue… What also quickly turned me on is that those outrageously low cut pumps were exposing almost entirely the reinforced toes of her stockings, and as I couldn’t get my eyes off her feet while we were waiting at the checkout, I also noticed that there wasn’t enough leather on those pumps to cover her tiny last toe, and if she hadn’t been wearing her silky stockings, I bet it would have slipped out of her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man after seeing this I can tell you that I was already hard as a rock, but the show got even more spectacular when we settled at a table because as you will see, Lisa has clearly given up trying to keep those designer pumps on her feet as they simply don’t cling to her feet at all anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god I was watching her feet under her chair during the first minutes and I just couldn’t believe how scandalously loose those shoes were already (obviously it didn’t take long before that extra thin suede leather started to stretch) and when I saw that she was constantly losing her pumps even when she was simply trying to cross her feet under her chair, I completely lost my mind and decided that I had to do something to make her lose both of her slutty loose shoes that day ;-)))))))))))))

So after spying her closely for about 20 minutes, I finally managed to kick her right pump out of her reach behind her chair, but as we weren’t in a very crowded part of the food court, no one tried to kick her empty shoe away for the almost 10 minutes that it was behind her chair, so I decided that I had to endanger her precious shoes a bit more… So I got up to refill the water pitcher, and on my way, I moved her right pump under the chair of the teen boy who was sitting on her left ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Unfortunately the boy was part of a larger school group and as his teacher was eating right next to him, he didn’t dare to steal Lisa’s shoe but as you will see, I think he was very tempted to embarrass her as not only he noticed that her right shoe was under his chair, but he also saw that she couldn’t stop slipping her left pump on and off… So of course I took advantage of it, and as she couldn’t stop dipping, I also managed to strip her off discreetly from her left pump under her chair, and the poor girl ended up completely shoeless, with her precious designer pumps several meters away from each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, as I wanted to make sure that she would get in trouble, I moved her empty left pump in plain sight so that everyone in the food court could take a good look at it, and understand why she had lost both of her shoes that day (because man it’s just so obvious that those pumps show way too much toe cleavage to stay on!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Comments (4)

  • JB

    Hey! great to see you're back! I think its time to do a video where she actually loses her shoes and has to leave shoeless! haha

  • In reply to: JB

    Yep, I haven't been very lucky lately but I still have high hopes that some of her work colleagues will try to get their hands on her shoes again... And if I'm around when it happens, I'm definitely gonna make sure that they deprive her from both of her pumps :p

  • Jay

    Hey Yann, Just wondering if you've done anything with Lisa's shoes recently? Always love seeing you put her shoes in danger!

  • In reply to: Jay

    Hi Jay, sorry for the late response, just came back in France ;) Yep don't worry, I've been quite naughty with Lisa's shoes these past few months and caught some VERY GOOD stuff :p Stay tuned!

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