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A few days ago I managed to make a video of Lisa’s feet with my phone while I was having a meeting with one of her colleagues, and although it was quite risky, the dangling and shoeplay that I caught was really worth it ;-)))))))))) For the little story my company is currently having a commercial litigation with one of our suppliers, and as one of Lisa’s colleagues is specialized in my business activity, Lisa offered me to have a meeting with him to see the first legal actions that we could take. The good news is that I knew that my appointment would be very interesting as Lisa had told me that she would assist me during the interview, and indeed when I saw her arriving in her colleague’s office with her black short dress business suit, a pair of tan silky stockings, and her ultra loose and low cut white Jonak flat pumps, I knew we were in for a very nice shoeplay show ;-))))))))))))))))))

As you will see, as there was some long moments of silence during the interview (while her colleague was reading my supplier’s contracts), Lisa was obviously trying not to make too much noise with her shoes but her slutty pumps just kept falling off her feet!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, with the combination of her silky stockings and her ultra low cut pumps, as soon as she was crossing her legs it was literally like there was an invisible hand pulling off constantly the shoe of her crossed foot, and although she was often clenching her toes, my princess couldn’t resist very long and ended up losing her beloved loose flats countless times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What really drove me nuts is that it seemed even more complicated for her when she had her left leg crossed over the right as not only her left pump was immediately slipping off her heel, but as those shoes seem to have stretched a lot and that they are so low cut at the front, her toes didn’t have enough leather to grip to and she couldn’t manage to put her left pump back on her foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man you won’t believe how much she was struggling and it was literally like her shoes were forcing her to dangle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t miss this video guys, it’s a real treat for the eyes ;-))))))))))))))))))))

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  • Barto

    Hi yann
    Downloaded this one in error (actually wanted Favourite shoes volume 4) but was pleasantly surprised although I tend to like accidental public losses more than dangling. These white Jonaks are quite plausible as daily work shoes and have yet to stretch as much as the black ones so I can see that they might stay on at least partially when she walks. But when she crosses her legs they look as though they would fall right off if she didn't tense her feet, this battle to keep them from falling is dynamite. There is also a real candid quality to this video although some sound would be good (although I understand your need to protect privacy etc). Any further work in the pipeline? I'd like to see Lisa attempting everyday tasks in her outrageously loose shoes, e.g. vacuuming the house with attendant accidental shoe loss. Or attempting to run or kick a ball, or climb a ladder etc.

  • In reply to: Barto

    Hi Barto,
    Yes the leather on her white Jonak pumps is less well worn than on her black suede Jonaks. This is because the leather on the white pair isn't made of suede and it's also more thick and rigid, so it didn't crushed down at the heels as much as on the black ones (or the gold ones). That's probably why she keeps most of the time the white pair in a drawer of her desk at her work as a pair of "safe shoes" (although they do slip off her heels when she walks :p).
    Yes, a new video is coming soon and I think you're gonna like it! I taped it in a fast food when Lisa was wearing her black suede Guess pumps and you won't believe how loose those ridiculously low cut shoes have become, and in how big trouble she got because of that :D:D:D
    Stay tuned!
    PS: I'll try to record her feet at home but don't expect any "housework" from Lisa as we hired a person for that...

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