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Youtube finds

Here you will find the interesting videos that I spotted on Youtube. If you would like to share a video, feel free to e-mail me the link at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I will be happy to publish it on this page.

Her friends stole her shoes !

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The poor girl in this video got her ballet flats removed by her friends who teased her real bad and didn't want to give her little shoes back !!! I bet she was the shoeplayer of the group as her flats seemed to slip off...

Walking heelpopper 1

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The woman in this video was visiting a cars exhibition with her pumps slipping off her feet with every step !!!! The user who filmed this got ballzy enough to follow the lady for a moment and he managed to catch some really...

Classic hide and seek

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Have you ever done that to a friend when you were in school ? I bet the girl in this video was dangling her pump when it got stolen by her friend ... Man I wouldn't have resisted to do that too, especially if the girl had to...

Cute shoe loss

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This video is short but really cute ;-) This petite chick seems to have some troubles to keep her little ballet flats on her feet !!! Just the kind of girl you liked to bully in high school (I bet it wouldn't take much to...

A crazy dipper

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It's amazing to see how differently each woman shoeplays. Some will just heelpop or take off their shoes, but some women (like Lisa) like to play constantly with their shoes whenever they get the chance ... and it often gets...

Walking heelpopper 2

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Aren't you amazed when you see a woman walking with very loose pumps that slip off her feet with every step ? I will never understand how those women (like Lisa) can wear such loose shoes to go outside, especially when they...

A nice move ...

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The user who uploaded this video seems to have quite some skills in removing women's shoes ... Just something I LOVE to do to Lisa, especially as her little shoes slip off so easily that I can snatch them right off her feet...

How do you think this girl lost her shoe ?

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It's too bad I don't speak the language in this video because I would really like to know how this girl lost one of her flats on a ferry ... I bet she lost it while coming in or out of the boat as it often happens to girls...

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