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Youtube finds

Here you will find the interesting videos that I spotted on Youtube. If you would like to share a video, feel free to e-mail me the link at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I will be happy to publish it on this page.

Lisa's double !

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I think this girl looks like Lisa in many ways ! She's a slim cute preppy girl and clearly loves to wear ultra loose and low cut flats that just can't stay on her feet ... You can see how she is perfectly used to wearing...

Ballet flats confiscated

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Finally a french video ;-) The girl in this vid got her ballerinas removed and kept by one of her classmates who made her stay in just her nylon feet on the sidewalk !!! He made her beg to give her her shoes back but he sure...

Walking heelpopper 4

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The user who uploaded this video has some really interesting catches (mainly focused on girls walking in very loose shoes). In this one, not only the girl's heels were popping out of her ballet flats with every step, but she...

Ballet flats yanked off twice !

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That's the problem when you're the only girl among your friends to wear ballet flats ... Sooner or later they will see you shoeplay or realize that your shoes can slip off really easily and they will try to take advantage of...

Girl gets constantly bullied

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The girl featured in this video was apparently regularly bullied by her friends who took great delight in removing and stealing both of her ballet flats everytime she was wearing them ... I really wonder why they started...

Stranded in one shoe outside !

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The poor girl in this video should have thinked twice before making fun of her friend who had just got one of her boots stolen by some friends ... When the boots girls realized that her friend was wearing ballet flats, she...

Walking heelpopper 5

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The user who uploaded this video seems to witness a lot of asian flight attendants ... And some of them apparently like to wear loose pumps to go to work ;-) Actually in this case, her pumps seem to fit fine but she appears...

Shoeplayer gets pranked

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Clearly the girl in this video is a well known shoeplayer in her class and some guys decided to give her a good lesson for playing so much with her ballet flats ... It's just too bad the teacher didn't lecture her and...

Loose flats get stolen

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The girl in this video got one of her ballet flats taken by her friends and they made her run for it ... unfortunately the poor girl's ballet flats are so loose that she lost her remaining shoe while she was chasing her...

Walking heelpopper 3

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The user who posted this video has some nice catches. This one shows a girl struggling to keep her very loose ballet flats on her feet while she is walking, and I bet the show must be really great when this chick sits down...

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