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Lisa’s new navy blue suede Jonak pumps

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In early September, Lisa and I spent a weekend in Deauville to cheer us up before getting back to work, and as always when we go there, my princess wanted to go to the Jonak store to see their new arrivals (as they always have the most rare and exclusive shoes that Jonak makes, it’s like Christmas for her everytime she goes there ;)))))). Man, you should’ve seen how excited she was when she saw those blue beauties exposed in the showcase of the shop ;)))))))))) Now if you have been a long time fan of Lisa, you probably already recognized this shoe model… Except the color, they’re the EXACT same shoes as her ultra low cut black suede Jonak pumps (her favourites by far!) so you can imagine why she was so happy!!!

But what really made her day is that they still had a pair in her size although they were a very limited edition (apparently they just had a pair for each size!). When she tried them on, she told the saleswoman “I’m so happy! I’ve been trying to find these shoes for so long! They’re the only ones that are comfy and narrow enough for me!” but when she started walking, I saw that her heels were already slipping off slightly with every step!!!! (her heels didn’t slip out completely of the heelcups but I would say that they were already slipping at 75% !!!!!!!). While Lisa was walking in front of the mirror, the saleswoman said “It’s true you have very thin feet!” (obviously referring to the fact that those shoes were already slipping off although they were perfectly at her size!!!) but she didn’t mention it…

When we came back home, I saw that she was wearing them almost the entire Sunday afternoon (probably to break them in) and it’s just too bad that I had some work to do because I would have gladly watched her go about her daily life in those ultra low cut pumps!!!!!! (I mostly caught her dangling them from the tip of her toes in front of the TV and it was already quite a sight ;)))))))))))). And on Monday morning, guess what shoes the princess was wearing to go to work?! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (3)

  • pisolithe

    Bonjour Yann. Ces chaussures sont magnifiques. par contre, ta princesse a mis des collants qui ne mettent pas en valeur ses magnifiques jambes et ses merveilleux petons. Pieds nus dans ces chaussures, cela sera le paradis pour tes yeux. A plus. :p

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Salut Laurent, vu comment les températures ont baissé, j'ai peur que tu ne doives attendre un long moment avant de voir Lisa pieds nus dans ses petits escarpins bleus... Aujourd'hui c'était collants noirs épais avec ses escarpins Jonak blancs :p

  • pisolithe

    Je patiente. Le spectacle en vaudra la peine. A plus;)

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