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The shoes people want to steal

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Here is another old preview that got deleted with my previous Youtube account. That day the 3 guys that you can see in this preview got bold enough to steal one of Lisa’s white and black Zara pumps and they even hid it under a table that was out of sight to make sure that my poor princess wouldn’t find it!!!!! That’s actually what I love about those pumps: it seems that a lot of people want to steal them when they see how ultra loose they are on my wife’s feet (and it’s true that they’re one of her loosest pair of shoes, mainly because they are quite heavy, very low cut at the front, and one size too big for her), but after all these years, they are definitely the shoes that people (friends, colleagues, and even complete strangers!) have the most snatched, yanked off, kicked away, crushed, stepped on, stolen/hidden in public, and by far!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s also related to the noise she makes with those pumps (probably because of their weight), either when they pop off as she walks or when she plays with them under her chair, I’ve noticed that it tends to attract people’s attention a lot… but what really kills me is that more often than not, it’s a complete stranger who tries to confiscate one of her Zara pumps or tries to trick her into losing one, and it’s like those shoes turn people crazy!!!! Man it’s literally like they’re thinking “Wow, that bitch can barely keep her ridiculously loose pumps on her feet, let’s make sure she loses them!!!”… Well I sure can’t blame people for thinking that (as far as I’m concerned I have already told her years ago that she shouldn’t wear those shoes at work), and I’m definitely gonna enjoy every moment of it if someone finally manages to strip her off permanently from those pumps and leaves her completely shoeless in public (and I must say, my biggest dream would be that the guy(s) who do this to her immediately decide to destroy those slutty pumps (or at least ensure that they won’t be wearable anymore) and then make sure that she finds her trashed shoes just so she can get the message… Man that would be a well deserved lesson that she probably wouldn’t forget ;-))))))))))))))))

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