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Why girls like Lisa shouldn’t fall asleep in the commute!

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This vid was posted by a guy named “Shoeplaymex” on Youtube. He was tempted to knock off the black pump of a woman who had fell asleep next to him on the plane… When I saw this, I couldn’t help thinking what would’ve happened if it had been Lisa... Because man, if she had been wearing any of her beloved Jonak pumps, that guy could’ve very easily removed her shoes and left her completely shoeless, and she wouldn’t even have realized it given how outrageously loose and low cut they are!!!!!!!! Just watch the screenshots below and you’ll understand what I mean (and by the way I already made the test : with a slight bump at the back of her Jonak pumps – whether they were fully on her feet or dangling – they flew off her feet instantly, and not only she was awake, but she was sometimes even clenching her toes to stop me from doing it, but those slutty flats just slipped off like butter anyway!!!!!!)

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