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Extreme shoe losses

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This vid was posted by a guy named “pop abb” on Youtube. It shows an asian woman hurrying to catch her train, but as she hurried a bit too much to walk down the stairs, she lost BOTH of her low cut pumps in the process and ended up completely shoeless on the dock!!!!!!!!! What I love the most in that vid is the woman’s reaction after this (clearly she is used to lose her shoes) as she just slipped them back on and acted like everything was normal, not even ashamed to have lost her shoes in front of everyone!!!! Now this kind of extreme shoe losses are very rare to catch, but if you follow the right kind of girl, it can be very easy to witness such moments… Just like Lisa, I bet this woman doesn’t want to part with her loose and low cut pumps despite all the embarrassing situations they get her into, and just like Lisa, I also bet (since she’s asian) that her feet are too small and narrow for most of the shoes she can find… but for nothing in the world she would wear lace up shoes or anything else than a pair of low cut pumps as they can be very easily dangled and played with… Just watch the screenshots below for a little best-of of the most spectacular shoe losses I have caught simply by walking with my princess in the street ;-)))))))

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    JR = Japan Railway

    In any case, if you know that your shoes are loose, then don't rush to the train. ;)

  • In reply to: BLITZ

    Yep, that's what I keep telling to Lisa :) And that's why it's so tempting and easy to rid her of her little pumps when you're walking behind her :p

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