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Two things I wanna do at the fun fair!

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I recently found those 2 videos on Youtube and it immediately made me want to go to a fun fair with Lisa ;-))))))) In fact, I’m really dying to put her on a mechanical bull, especially if she’s wearing her usual “party outfit” (usually a strapless short dress with nylons and her favourite black Jonak flat pumps) because I’m pretty sure that not only her slutty shoes would fly off after just a few seconds (actually I’m sure she wouldn’t even manage to climb on the bull without losing accidentally her beloved black Jonaks!!!!!), but I bet that her little dress wouldn’t handle it well either as her boobs and panties would probably quickly get exposed too, and boy, just thinking how easily and quickly that bull could strip my princess from most of her clothes really drives me nuts ;-))))))))) The other video is also a good way to strand Lisa in just her stockings in public as I have already seen her kicking some stuff while she had her black Jonak pumps on her feet, and EVERY TIME, those ultra low cut flats flew right off her feet (the most memorable shoe loss was when one of my nephews wanted to play soccer with us in the garden and it only took 3 steps and a kick to make her lose both of those slutty pumps ;-))))))))))

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