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The easiest way to punish or tease Lisa

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This vid is taken from a movie and shows a guy removing his girlfriend’s pumps on a boat and throwing them away so the poor girl is forced to walk barefoot in the city streets. I actually did this recently to Lisa but it was to force her to stay with me while we were at a barbecue party at some friends place. She wanted to leave so she could go back home to work on some clients cases but as I thought that she was pushing the limits by working on a sunny week-end, I decided to force her to stay ! She was sitting on a garden chair with her feet crossed at the ankles in front of her (she was wearing her ultra low cut white Jonak pumps) and in one quick motion, I grabbed her legs and snatched both of her loose flats right off her feet ;-))))) She started to chase me but as she didn’t want to stain her stockings on the grass, she got no other choice but to go back to her chair completely shoeless ;-))))))))) For the little story, I decided to hide her pumps in our friends kitchen and she finally got them back when she promised to stay … and later in the evening, I got my way with those slutty pumps that she had dangled and lost all day ;-))))))

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