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How to recognize a pathological shoeplayer?

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This vid is another great catch from Nikoos999. He caught this classy lady walking with both of her feet slipping out of her pumps with every step !!!! Man, she knows those heels are way too loose for her, and yet she decided to wear them in public even if she had a lot of walk to do !!!! I call those girls “pathological shoeplayers” because they always choose to wear the most revealing and ultra loose fitting shoes, and they just don’t care what people think !!! Usually they will tell you that they like to wear loose pumps or flats because it’s more comfortable, but in the end all those girls have the same habit of removing their shoes constantly and wherever they are … Wonder how I learned that ? Well … I got married to one of those shoe sluts ;-))))))))))

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  • JoAnne

    Looks like me walking in my loose shoes. I always wear stockings, which make my shoes slip off, all the more

  • Nikoos999

    I just saw today that you "featured" one of my (very few) candid videos, how awesome is that :p
    I usually go directly to your Clips4sale store and kind of forgot about your website that's why I didn't see it until now.

    If you want more info this was recorded at JFK airport, I was waiting my flight back to France and saw this woman passing by flapping her shoes and making huge heel noises lol, so I pretended going to the bathroom and the recording happened... and as you can hear at the end she's french, go figure :)

    Anyway I've been following your "work" these last years and regularly bought you videos, thanks again for all of these ;) By the way, do you plan one day to take requests for custom videos? I mean simple requests not "role plays", I'd love to request a few with some of her shoes I don't see her wear often in the videos you make ;)

  • In reply to: Nikoos999

    Hi Nikoos, the honor is mine, thanks for commenting and letting us know how you filmed this great vid ;) Yep, it seems there are a lot of loose pumps lovers and shoeplayers among the french women! I recently saw a woman in a Paris train station walking with both heels slipping out dramatically of her brown low heeled pumps with every step (but sadly couldn't film her as I was in a hurry) and yeah it really drives me nuts to see that those women like to wear such ridiculously loose pumps to make a trip (just like Lisa with her white Jonak pumps this summer:D)
    To answer your question, as I have already said I don't take requests but if you want to see Lisa wearing a specific pair of shoes, just tell me which one and I'll see if I got some vids of them in my vault (or I'll try to ask her one day to wear them if it's a pair that she doesn't wear a lot). Anyway thanks a lot for your support and please keep posting your great vids ;)

  • Joseph

    the sound of the heel's dragging as they swish off her hosed covered heel's sexy vid.

  • Joseph

    nice vid too bed they did not lose both their shoes

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