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Are catholic girls more encouraged to shoeplay?

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This vid was taken by a catholic university and as you can see, the prescribed uniform for the girls is really preppy and hot !!! Now just look at the second girl from the left and tell me if she’s not an avid shoeplayer ??? She clearly likes to wear very low cut ballet flats, and apparently she also likes them VERY loose and worn out !!! (seems like her favourite pair as she would have probably thrown those out otherwise …). I always think of Lisa’s strict catholic education as the main reason of her shoeplay habit as it was frowned upon in her family for a girl to wear anything else than a knee-length skirt and a pair of pumps or ballet flats (even jeans were prohibited!). The only problem is that with that kind of shoes, if you have very small and narrow feet like Lisa, there’s nothing much you can do to keep your pumps on your feet !!!!

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  • Karl

    Thanks for this super video. I guess this explains at least part of my wife's fascination with short skirts and very loose and worn out flats. She has a pair very similar to the ones in the video and her mother has asked her several times why she doesn't throw them away. She just smiles because she knows what happens when she wears them for me.:):):)

  • In reply to: Karl

    Yep it seems that a lot of those preppy girls tend to keep their shoeplay habit and their taste for low cut pumps and flats when they grow old ;)

  • Publio

    I loved this video.

  • Daniel

    I thought he was the only one who noticed that this girl wore very loose and worn flats

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