A good peek at her stockings and loose flats

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I taped this video one Sunday when I saw that Lisa was working in our living room. That day she was wearing a beige slit skirt with a black and white striped sweater, a pair of lace top white stockings, and her extremely loose Buffalo pink patent ballet flats. As I was just getting a refreshment in the kitchen, I noticed that my princess was shoeplaying non stop with her ballet flats under her chair so I decided to leave my spycam near the table to tape her feet while I was working upstairs, and I'm really glad I did ;-))) Although Lisa was quite busy with all the papers she had spread on the table, I guess that the combination of her extra loose ballet flats and the slipperiness of her silky stockings were turning her on because she was clearly taking great delight in feeling her little shoes slip off her feet so easily.

She did some amazing ankle crossed dipping and also shoeplayed with both shoes at times (I just kept the most tasty scenes in this video ;-))), and after about 20 minutes when I came back downstairs and saw that she was still shoeplaying heavily, I decided to tape her from behind and let her know that her little show was getting me hot ;-)))) As you will see it didn't get me too much effort to steal both of her loose slip-ons and I got a really great time tickling her delicious soles ;-)))))))))))))) After that I continued taping my princess while she was preparing our lunch and it was just too cute to see how she was struggling to keep her skimpy flats on her feet, especially when she was walking or kneeling down as it seemed simply impossible for her to keep her heels inside her shoes ;-)))))) Finally I taped her again after lunch while she was on the phone with one of her interns, and while she was explaining her some work stuff, my sweet wife was constantly dipping in and out of her precious shoes again ;-)))))) I actually took this opportunity to tape also the lace top of her stockings as her slit skirt was revealing them in a really sexy way, and just seeing how f***ing hot my princess looked, I just couldn't resist to start undressing her while she was still on the phone (but of course I couldn't put that in the video ;-))))

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  • Alan

    Lisa's white stocking feet are beyond gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful!

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