Lisa's red patent ballet flats

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Early this year Lisa bought a pair of red patent ballet flats, and the first week-end that I saw her wearing them, I immediately noticed that both of her heels were already popping out of those new shoes when she was walking!!! Of course I quickly decided to tape her with my phone so you'll get a good glimpse at what I saw that morning ;-) That day my princess was wearing a black skirt with a thin black wool sweater and a pair of black dashed pantyhose, and when I followed her in the kitchen with my phone and saw her constant heelpopping, I just couldn't keep my eyes off her ;-))))))

After breakfast Lisa called her mom on the phone and I took this opportunity to film her from afar while she was doing some major standed dipping and heelpopping, and as you will see she just couldn't keep her little red shoes on her feet ;-))))) Finally I taped Lisa again when I joined her in the office to get my e-mails, and while she was showing me the website where she had bought her new shoes (from the Asos brand), I got some good under the table shots while she was dangling and losing her sexy flats ;-)))))))) Just seeing how those slip-ons were already flying off her feet like butter, I quickly understood that they would soon produce some really interesting scenes to catch, and boy was I right ;-)))))))

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  • Alan

    I love these pantyhose on her.

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