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This video is what I call a "classic" in my collection of lunchtime candids. I call it this way because every time I see Lisa wearing her extremely loose and low cut Jonak black ballet flats in public, I always make sure that she ends up shoeless ;-)))))) (unless the situation is inappropriate of course ;-) Well that week Lisa was on vacation, and as I couldn't get any day off work she decided to come to have lunch with me and one of my colleagues. That day my princess was wearing her brown short pants with a white T-shirt and her brown leather jacket, a pair of tan nylon socks, and as I spotted her beloved Jonak flats on her feet, I smiled inwardly because she knows that I love to steal those provocative shoes and yet she can't resist wearing them all the time!!!! As usual I immediately switched on my spycam to record everything that was going on under her chair and made sure to sit in a way that would make her think that I was absolutely not interested in taking her shoes that day.

She did relax quite quickly as I soon saw her start a little shoeplay, but I would say that with those outrageously low cut flats, she was in fact more often losing her shoes than she was really playing with them!!! I was regularly taking some quick glances under her chair to see what she was doing with her feet, but after 10 minutes I realized that her shoeplay was more prudent than usual as she was very careful not to lose contact with her precious shoes while she was dipping or playing with them. Seeing this just made me want to steal her slutty flats even more but as we had plenty of time, I decided to be patient as I knew that sooner or later, one of those skimpy flats would fall off or slide a little too far ... and after almost a half hour, it happened ;-)))))) Lisa played a bit too much with her left ballet flat and it ended slightly out of her reach, and as she started playing with both feet with her other shoe, I thought it was the perfect time to strike ;-))))) As I reached my hand to the other side of the table to get some water to distract her attention, I quickly kicked her empty left flat and sent it right in the middle of the alley behind us ;-))))))))))))) In fact I didn't mean to send it so far and I remember thinking "Ooops !" but after all I thought that her outrageously low cut flat deserved to be exposed and in full view so that everyone could see what a shoe slut my wife is ;-)))))))))

With her provocative empty ballet flat right in the middle of the alley and completely in the way of the people walking there, I decided to turn slightly my spycam so that I could catch if someone would kick her shoe but hopefully for her it didn't happen, although it was quite close on 2 or 3 occasions as people had to make a little detour to avoid walking on her empty shoe ;-)))))) What really turned me on is that Lisa didn't realize a thing, and as she just kept playing with both feet with her remaining ballet flat, I'm sure that the people around us were thinking that she was playing so much with her shoes that she had accidentally kicked one of her flats out of her reach (and I just thought that it was in fact quite fair to point out her pathological shoeplay habit ;-)))) Just looking at her stranded with only one extra low cut flat on her feet and yet still shoeplaying, the sight was really gorgeous so I made sure to leave her alone for about 10 more minutes, but when I realized that she was dipping out of her remaining shoe longer and more and more often, I thought that it was time to finish my work ;-))) This time I showed to Lisa and my colleague a funny video on my phone and as Lisa was looking at it, I discreetly kicked her right empty flat and sent it far behind her chair ;-))))))))

Now that both of her provocative flats were laying empty in the middle of the alley behind us, I completely turned my spycam so that it was recording her empty shoes to see if someone would kick them, but hopefully for Lisa the food court was much less crowded by then. As you will see I just left the parts where there was some activity around her stolen flats (you'll have to pay attention to the bottom left corner of the video to see Lisa struggling to try to find her precious shoes ;-))))) and as my princess didn't want to point out her shoeless state, she waited until the end of our lunch (about 10 minutes later) to get up and retrieve her beloved slutty flats ;-))))))) As I kissed her goodbye I whispered in her ear "I think you lost your shoes princess!" and she just answered me with a grimace ;-) but when I saw her walking to the exit with her heels popping out dramatically of her slutty flats with almost every step, my remorse was already long gone ;-)))

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