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Still going through my collection of lunchtime candids and I wanted to edit a series of videos that I shot last spring, and I'm sure you'll like them ;-))) We'll start with this video that I shot while Lisa and I had met to have lunch in a food court near work. That day my princess was wearing her black and red dress with a pair of sheer stockings, and on her feet she was (barely) wearing her extremely loose and low cut André black ballerinas. As soon as I spotted her shoes I immediately started teasing her on the fact that she had probably lost her shoes a dozen times in the morning and of course my princess tried to convince me that I was wrong (I love it when she tries to prove me that she can wear those shoes at work because I know that she just can't keep them on anymore but she's just too much a loose shoe lover to admit it ;-))))

As the food court was really crowded we had to share a table of 4 people with a man who was already there, and of course I immediately switched on my spycam and started recording Lisa's shoeplay under her chair as I knew it wouldn't be long before her extremely loose slip-ons would fly off her feet ... and boy was I right !!!!! Just 3 minutes after we had settled at the table, I took a quick glimpse under her chair and realized that both of her ballerinas were already laying empty under her chair !!!!!!!!! She had her nyloned feet crossed at the ankles and was just lazily toying with her empty left flat so I thought that if she was planning to dip out of her loose flats for the entire meal, I would definitely find a way to embarrass her ;-)))) As I had to answer many e-mails on my phone I actually missed a couple opportunities to steal her shoes, but hopefully Lisa managed to get in trouble all by herself !!!! I was still texting on my phone when I noticed that my princess' legs were getting a little agitated under her chair. As I took a quick peek, I realized that her empty left ballet flat was slightly out of her reach behind her chair and that she was struggling with her right foot to get it back, which was making her lose her right ballet flat constantly in the process ;-)))))

Seeing this I couldn't resist so I discreetly kicked her empty left flat, quite hard actually as it slid right next to the 50 years old man's chair who was sitting behind us, and that's when all the fun (for me!) started ;-))))))) Shortly after kicking Lisa's left flat, I noticed that the guy behind us was getting up so I quickly moved my spycam to catch his reaction when he would spot my princess' shoe and I caught him stepping on my wife's empty ballerina ;-)))) As Lisa was still playing with both feet with her remaining ballet flat under her chair, the guy quickly found out whose shoe it was and he then very kindly asked Lisa "Excuse me miss, have you lost a shoe ?" and I saw my princess instantly blush as she thanked him and quickly picked up her missing shoe with her hand (I left that scene in slow motion so you can get the thrill out of it ;-)))))

What killed me is that Lisa then whispered to me "that was embarrassing !!!" (so she didn't even think that I was responsible for her little shoe mishap !) but while she was saying that, I saw that she was already heelpopping her left ballet flat again, just 3 tiny seconds after getting it back on her foot!!!!!!!! After that you would think that my princess would have stopped her shoeplay for the rest of our lunch but NO !!!!! As you will see, her shoeplay habit is just too strong (especially with those ultra loose slip-ons) and she even managed to lose sight of one of her ballet flats again!!!!!!!!! (and the cutest thing is that it happened because she clenched her toes a little too much, making her very low cut flat pop off her toes and heel at the same time ;-))))))) After editing this video, my guess is that she thought that the 50 years old guy had took her shoe because when she realized that her left ballet flat was missing again at the end of our lunch, she hurried to get it back with her hand, probably fearing that it would get stolen again ;-))))) Man, I just love to see how easily my sweet wife can become a real damsel in distress when she wears her beloved low cut slip-ons ;-))))))))))))))

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