Partying with my Cinderella - Part II

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In the beginning of this second part, you'll get to see the end of our appetizer with my aunt and uncle. Lisa was still shoeplaying under her chair and as she played too much with her left pump, she got a hard time getting it back ;-)))) After that we all went to my grandpa's birthday party (sorry no video there as I didn't want to get caught) but when we came back home in the evening just the two of us, I couldn't resist taping her again with my pocket cam as she was so disarmingly cute that day ;-)))) I started by recording her feet under the table while we were having a cup of tea, and as she was still dangling heavily, I started knocking off her sexy shoes with my feet ;-))))) She didn't even bother to tell me to stop (as I found out later she was just trying to tease me the whole time) and she just relaxed and crossed her feet at the ankles in front of her. Of course, just seeing how she was struggling to keep her provocative pumps on her feet, I quickly decided to confiscate one of her shoes, but as you will see she just carried on her shoeplay with her other pump!!!

With the sight of her remaining shoe slipping on and off her foot most effortlessly and just under my nose for several minutes, I got really horny so I thought that it was my turn to tease her ;-))) As I bent down under the table, I quickly grabbed the toe box of her remaining pump which made it instantly pop off her toes ;-)))) As I had now taken both of her slutty heels, I teased her while she was claiming them back, but when I left her empty shoes under the table so she could retrieve them, she only found the left one and thought that I only had gave her one shoe back ... so as soon as she crossed her ankles again, I stole her shoe again and just left her shoeless for a moment ;-)))) After that we finished the evening by watching a TV show on the couch, and while Lisa was surfing on Facebook on her iPhone, she stretched her legs on the couch to rest them on my lap so I realized that she really wanted me to worship her feet that night... but she soon regretted it ;-))))))

Apparently her silky stockings were making her feet very ticklish, and as I began stroking very gently the exposed part of her feet, she couldn't stop giggling ;-)))))) Of course she told me to stop but as she was clearly enjoying it as much as me, I continued my little torture for over 10 long minutes ;-)))) The only problem for Lisa is that as those pumps barely cover her toenails (and in fact there isn't even enough leather to cover her 2 last tiny toes!!!!), I could slip my fingers everywhere I wanted inside her shoes, and she soon wished that she hadn't worn her silky stockings that day ;-))))))) If you're a tickling and dangling fan, make sure not to miss this video!

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