Partying with my Cinderella - Part I

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I taped this video last winter when my aunt and uncle came in our home for a couple days. All the family was gathering to celebrate my grandpa's 90 years old birthday and just before going to the party, Lisa, my aunt, my uncle and I had an appetizer in our living room. As my uncle wanted to show us the videos of their vacations in the US, I knew it would take a while, but when I saw Lisa showing up in her black cocktail strapless dress, a pair of extra sheer silky stockings, and her outrageously low cut LovelyPumps black high heels, I thought that I really had to tape her ;-)))) I had to find a position to tape her discreetly with my phone (and blindly most of the time so there was a big work editing all this ;-) and as you will see I only left you the really hot moments!!! At first she was keeping her feet on the floor but as soon as she started crossing her legs, things got really wild ;-))))

Not only her ultra low cut pumps were accidentally flying off her feet every 2 or 3 minutes (and sometimes a lot more ;-))), but it didn't stop her from dangling them constantly!!!! Just seeing how revealing her sexy pumps and dress were, the show was really hard for my poor dick, but it got even harder when we all started watching my uncle's videos as Lisa started to pay less attention to her extra loose fitting shoes which quickly lent to so multiple shoe losses ;-)))))))))))) At one point I think that Lisa realized that her shoes were making too much noise as she was staying barefoot longer each time one of her pumps was falling off, so it also gave me a good opportunity to make some good captures of her gorgeous tiny feet ;-))))) After a moment she finally decided to cross her feet at the ankles under her chair (I'm guessing that it was still in the idea that her shoeplay would be more discreet) but as you will see, my princess struggled just as much to keep those slutty high heels on her feet ;-))))) As her shoes just kept popping off her feet it was like she was literally forced to shoeplay, and as she began a very sensual dipping under her chair, I wondered if my heart would make it till the end of the night ;-)))))))

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