Confiscating Lisa's slutty flats in public

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I taped this video while Lisa had joined me to have lunch with one of my colleagues from work. We were already settled at the table when I saw Lisa arriving in the fast-food and what immediately caught my eye is that she was wearing her extremely loose and low cut Jonak black ballet flats as they were popping off her feet dramatically with every step !!!!!! As she approached I realized that she was in fact wearing them with some extra sheer stockings (and a black skirt business suit) and she was visibly struggling to keep those outrageously low cut flats on her feet because she was taking very small steps and almost lost her shoes a couple of times while she was walking towards our table (and turned quite a few heads on her way ;-) As she settled at the table I discreetly switched on my spycam so that I could tape all the shoeplay that I was sure was about to happen, but mostly I was already dying to steal her precious ballet flats to give her a little lesson for being such a shoe slut ;-))))

As you will see she immediately started dipping with her ankles crossed under her chair, but when I saw that she was also repeatedly dipping and playing with both of her ultra low cut slip-ons at the same time, I realized that she was really enjoying the fact that they were slipping off her feet so easily ... I also kept you in the video the part when she got up to go to the restroom as she walked right out of her left ballet flat ;-)))))) and I remember thinking "man, she can't even make 2 steps without losing one of those slutty flats but she still wears them in public!!!". So when she came back I started thinking of a way to steal her beloved flats without getting the attention of my colleague or Lisa's so I began by sitting slightly sideways so that I could easily reach her shoes under her chair and just waited for the good moment to strike ... Lisa continued her dipping/shoeplay for a few minutes, but after a moment I realized that she had lost her left ballet flat under her chair and that she was now playing with both feet with her right shoe. So without losing time I discreetly stretched my leg under her chair and kicked her empty left flat really hard as it rolled and landed almost in the middle of the alley behind us ;-)))))))))))

As the restroom was just behind us there was regularly some people walking in and out, and I got a little embarrassed for Lisa as everyone could see her empty shoe, and she actually got lucky that nobody kicked it because people were walking really close from her stolen flat ;-))) Oblivious to what had happened Lisa kept playing with her right ballet flat for a moment, and when she finally started searching her missing shoe with her feet under her chair and couldn't locate it, she just carried on her shoeplay with her remaining ballet flat (and I just LOVE when she does this ;-)))) But what really pushed me off the edge is that just a few seconds later, Lisa managed to lose her right ballet flat slightly out of her reach under her chair and I just couldn't believe how easily she was getting in trouble all by herself!!!!! I waited a little moment to see if she would be able to retrieve her slutty flat, but as it seemed to be really out of her reach, I decided that it was time to finish my work ;-))))) So I quickly kicked her empty right flat and sent it next to the other one (which slightly pushed her left ballet flat even more) and I started to get really excited as both of her slutty low cut flats were now laying empty in the middle of the alley where everyone was walking and staring at them ;-))))))

The best thing is that as Lisa is very shy by nature (and even more when we are out with friends or colleagues), she didn't dare to look under her chair to locate her precious flats (I know she reddens like a schoolgirl when people see her completely shoeless ;-))) so she just kept feeling the floor under her chair with her stockinged feet to try to find her shoes for 10 long minutes ;-))))))))). It's just too bad that the battery of my spycam actually died before the end of our lunch because as my colleague and I were getting up, Lisa gave a quick struggle to find her shoes (it was so cute to see her nyloned feet desperately trying to find her shoes;-)))) and as she clearly didn't want to be seen shoeless she told us that she had to stay a little more to make a phone call before getting back to work. Of course I knew that she was lying so after kissing her goodbye, I quickly kicked her empty ballet flats again but this time I sent them under an unoccupied nearby table so that I was sure that she wouldn't find them easily ;-)))))))))) As I had left the restaurant I didn't see if she managed to find her shoes quickly but I was a bit relieved to see her come back home after work with both of her slutty flats on her feet as I know how much she loves them and I was fearing someone could have stolen them. In fact she didn't even mention the incident so I guess that she thought that her shoes had been kicked by people getting out of the restroom and that she didn't want to tell me how embarrassed she had been (and of course I never told her I knew ;-))))))))

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