Stranded in one shoe during lunch

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I taped this video while Lisa and I were having lunch with her new assistant. She had just hired the guy a couple weeks earlier (he's quite old and looks almost like a grandpa so I was kinda relieved he wouldn't try any move on my wife ;-) but Lisa had told me that while he is very good in his work, he is also quite conservative in his manners and opinions as he had already told Lisa several times that she should wear shoes that fit better!!!! Of course Lisa didn't care about his remarks (she's just too much a low cut pumps/flats lover ;-))) but after that day, I understood that she really didn't want him to see her without her shoes on ... That day Lisa was wearing her burgundy mini-skirt with a white blouse, a pair of extra sheer stockings, and her very loose and low cut Buffalo pink patent ballerinas.

As soon as we settled at the restaurant table, I quickly switched on my spycam to tape discreetly all the shoeplay that Lisa was doing under her chair and I'm glad I did because she was just an avid dipper and shoeplayer that day ;-)))))) I guess that the combination of her very loose fitting ballerinas and the slipperiness of her nylons were turning her on as she just couldn't stop slipping her tiny feet most effortlessly in and out of her shoes ;-))))) I spied discreetly her shoeplay during about 20 minutes, taking some quick glances under her chair every time I could, but when I realized that she was abandoning more and more often one of her shoes under her chair to play with the other one, I started to get the feeling that she wanted to get teased ... so when I saw that she was dipping again for the 4th time, I thought that it was time for some "shoe moving" ;-))))) As she had abandoned her left ballet flat under her chair and was toying with both feet with her right flat, I discreetly pushed her empty shoe behind her chair, just enough so that it was out of her reach.

Proud of my little prank I just continued spying from time to time what was going on under her chair and it was just so cute to watch my helpless damsel trying desperately to locate her missing ballet flat with her feet ;-))))) Of course that didn't stop her from continuing her shoeplay with her right ballerina, and after 10 minutes, not only was she still stranded in one shoe but she had played so much with her remaining flat that it ended slightly out of her reach under her chair!!!!! I swear I wanted to leave her alone, but just seeing her right empty flat laying under her chair and her nyloned feet desperately trying to get it back, I couldn't resist the temptation to embarrass her ;-)))) So I quickly pushed her right ballet flat behind her chair but I also made sure to push her other flat as well so that now both of her loose slip-ons were way behind her chair and in full view for everyone ;-))))))))))))))

As I had kicked her empty shoes quite hard I also bumped her chair a little and I think Lisa instantly understood what I had done because she immediately looked at me with a slightly frightened look on her face so I asked her if everything was ok. She difficultly mumbled a "yes" and she began gathering her stuff so she could quickly get up and get her shoes back. Unfortunately for her, her assistant apparently caught her slipping her shoes back on as Lisa told me later that day that he had made a comment about it during a meeting in the afternoon (making an allusion to the fact that she had been apparently "very relaxed" during lunch) and although she didn't respond to him it quite annoyed her. So she asked me to never steal her shoes in front of her assistant again but as always I just told her "if you don't want to lose your shoes then don't take them off princess!" ;-))))))

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  • Alan

    Lisa has very beautiful nylon feet. I would love to see her giving nylon footjobs. Have you ever made any videos or pictures of her giving nylon footjobs? Thanks.

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