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Wicked colleagues stole her pump, AGAIN!!!

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Don’t miss this video guys, it’s another great catch from this winter ;)))))))) I recorded it a few months ago when I went to have lunch in a food court with Lisa and 2 of her male colleagues (her assistant and the manager of the “common law” division). That day, although the temperatures were still very cold, my princess was wearing a white wool sweater with a short gray skirt, a pair of blue silk stockings, and her ultra low cut new blue suede Jonak pumps, so needless to say that she was looking terribly sexy ;)))))))))))))) Lisa had actually asked me to join them for lunch in the morning because her assistant’s smartphone was completely crashed, and as they urgently needed some information inside, I came to the rescue (and boy I’m glad I did given the incredible turn of events during that lunch ;))))))))))))))))

When I arrived in the food court, Lisa was waiting for me at the entrance while her 2 colleagues were already at the checkout, so I took this opportunity to film her discreetly with my phone while we were choosing our meals… and man, what I caught really turned me on ;)))))))))) In fact, not only my princess was constantly dipping and shoeplaying with her precious designer pumps, but as she was completely oblivious to what was happening around her (as usual!), she didn’t realize that her feet and shoes were sometimes really close to other people’s feet, and she even accidentally played footsie with another woman while she was dipping mindlessly at the checkout!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What also caught my eye is that after only a couple months of wear, her new blue suede Jonak pumps had already started to loosen up a bit, and I noticed that her shoes were now slipping off just under her heels with almost every step, so of course I couldn’t wait to see how easily she would lose them under her chair during our lunch… and I really wasn’t disappointed ;))))))))))))))))))

As soon as we settled at our table, her skimpy pumps immediately started falling off her feet most effortlessly (as I always do now, I left the sound on when no one was talking at our table so you’ll get to hear the loud “clacs” that her shoes were making when they were falling on the floor ;))))) and as you’ll see, she just couldn’t keep her slutty pumps on!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ultra low cut leather of those shoes combined with the slipperiness of her silky stockings was clearly hard to handle for my princess, and gravity did a great job in removing her shoes for her, and there’s nothing much she could do to stop it ;)))))))))))) The poor girl even lost her pumps accidentally quite a few times simply by trying to cross her feet at the ankles under her chair, and sometimes she hadn’t even finished to cross her ankles that the shoe of her crossed foot was already gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact that she was losing her precious shoes so much clearly made her shoeplay even more (sometimes toying with both shoes at the same time ;)))), and with the noise she was making under her chair, I quickly got the urge to confiscate her expensive pumps… but as you’ll see, I wasn’t the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 40 minutes after the beginning of our lunch, some of her colleagues from the “common law” division arrived in the food court, and conveniently, they all decided to settle at the tables behind us… But those colleagues weren’t just anybody… almost all of them belonged to what I call the “Lisa’s stalkers group” at her work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Among them there was of course John, but also all those who had already stolen one or both of Lisa’s shoes in public (in particular those that you saw in the videos “Wicked colleagues stole her pump” and “The stolen Guess pumps”) so as you can guess, my poor Lisa quickly got into big trouble ;)))))))))))))))))))

Now as I don’t want to spoil you, I’m not gonna describe exactly what happened, but just so you know, her colleagues “played” A LOT with one of Lisa’s pumps that day (kicking, crushing and moving her empty shoe more than 10 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and as always, it’s her colleague John who wanted the most to deprive my poor sweetheart of her ultra loose and low cut shoes (that guy is clearly in love with all my princess’ Jonak pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!). ENJOY GUYS, THIS VID IS JUST ANOTHER GOLDMINE ;)))))))))))))))))

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