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Shoeplay compilation

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A quick update this time guys ;) I recently realized that my vault of unedited videos was starting to get really big so I decided to start a little shoeplay compilation. This one contains 2 videos that I recorded last summer and it shows everything you guys love: shoeplay, walking heelpopping, standed dipping, under the chair dipping, dangling, and even some footsie!!!! In the first part you will see Lisa in a very light and revealing black summer dress and barefeet in her ultra loose and low cut Jonak brown & gold flat pumps. I managed to get some really good stuff while she was walking outside and inside of a fast food (ironically she usually wears those shoes barefeet because she says that they are “a bit too loose with nylons” but as you will see, even if she was barefeet that day, those skimpy flats were constantly slipping off her feet ;-))))))))) I also caught her shoeplay while she was waiting in the queue and dipping heavily in front of everyone, and boy I bet you’re gonna explode when you’ll see what a tease she was, especially as she kept exposing her cute little painted toes (well given the amount of toe cleavage on those shoes, it sure doesn’t take much to expose her toes completely :-)))))))))))))))))))) After this I continued recording her feet with my spycam when we settled at a table with 2 of her female colleagues, and as you can guess her loose pumps didn’t stay on for long…

I recorded the second part of this video while Lisa and I were having dinner in a nice restaurant at the countryside. The weather was still warm so we decided to eat at the tables outside so we could enjoy the view, and while we were waiting for our meals I discreetly recorded my princess’ feet with my phone (it wasn’t very easy as some people were sitting at a table right behind me so forgive me if the camera angle isn’t always ideal…). That day Lisa was wearing a white summer dress and was barefeet in her ultra loose and low cut white Jonak pumps, and as you can guess she had the greatest difficulties in keeping them on ;))))))))))))) I tried to record her everytime she was crossing her legs because I knew that her precious flats were too loose to stay on, and indeed as they kept slipping off her heels and dangling from the tip of her toes, she was constantly arching her feet to slip them back on (I just love to watch her struggle to keep her skimpy pumps on her feet because I know that gravity always wins ;)))))))))))))))))))))) Now for the tasty part, after finishing her first glass of wine, my princess started to get more relaxed and I noticed that she was now letting her flats dangle from the tip of her toes everytime she was crossing her legs, and as she did, not only her expensive pumps started to fall off repeatedly under the table, but she also began a really hot footsie on my right leg with her bare foot, and boy it was hard to keep my composure, especially as one of the women at the table behind us was looking at my princess’ shoeless foot while she was teasing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy ;)))))))

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Comments (2)

  • pisolithe

    Bonjour Yann. je suis le premier à mettre un post sur cette vidéo. Des deux dernières, c'est celle que je préfère. J'adore voir ta princesse pieds nus dans ses ballerines. Quel été as tu passé? Si tu as d'autre vidéo de Lisa pieds nus, j'en suis friand.

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Bonjour Laurent, content que la vidéo t'ai plu ;) Pas d'autres videos pieds nus à publier pour l'instant mais je pense que la prochaine va quand même te plaire vu qu'elle concerne ses petites Jonak dorées ;)

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