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Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 8

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Recently I noticed that it was far more interesting to have lunch with Lisa on Fridays because 90% of the time, she was either wearing her ultra low cut black suede Jonak pumps or the gold ones. So clearly, not only it’s “Friday wear” for my princess, but it also seems to be “Shoeplay Day” for her as I noticed that she was doing this even when the weather was cold and she had been wearing boots the rest of the week!!!!! (best proof that she can’t spend a week without wearing her beloved Jonak pumps as she just loves to shoeplay with them!!!!)

Well that day was indeed a winning day as I immediately spotted that she was wearing a pair of jeans with some sheer nylons and her precious black Jonak flats, and boy even if I’m used to it, I always get an instant hard-on when I see how much those slutty shoes expose her feet (there’s almost no leather on these skimpy pumps!!!!!!), and just seeing her entering my car with those black beauties barely clinging to her feet and exposing almost completely her toes and arches, it’s really a breathtaking sight ;)))))))))))))))))))))

So of course I decided to film her discreetly with my phone as soon as we arrived at the food court (I made sure to park my car a bit far from the entrance so I could also catch her walking ;))) and I managed to get 10 minutes of outstanding heelpopping and standed dipping ;))))))))))))))))))) As you will see my princess was trying her best to keep her shoes on when she was walking outside as it had rained in the morning and she probably didn’t want to get her nylons soaked or damage the suede leather of her expensive pumps… But although she handled those ultra loose flats like a pro, as soon as she entered the food court, it was a whole other story and a real dipping festival to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and what drives me nuts is that her shoeplay is so unconscious that she does it even when she’s surrounded by people and she doesn’t even realize all the looks she gets on her outrageously low cut pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Check out especially the part when she was dipping in the checkout line as I left the sound on when she wasn’t talking and you will understand why she got so much attention on her feet that day ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))

I filmed the rest of the video with the spycam in my backpack (Lisa had planned to have lunch with 2 of her female colleagues but only one of them was already there when we settled at her table). The only downside as I couldn’t choose where I was sitting is that my backpack ended up in people’s way which prevented me from getting some nice footage (hopefully only for a short moment) but as you will see I still managed to capture her incredible shoeplay almost completely ;)))))))))))))) As you can guess my princess’ skimpy flats just kept flying off as soon as she was crossing her feet under her chair (which clearly made her shoeplay even more as she was regularly playing with both of her shoes at the same time!!!!) and man, I can tell you that it was very hard to focus on the conversation when I saw how easily she was losing those bitch pumps… As always, what really drove me nuts is that I could see that she was taking great delight in feeling her ultra low cut flats “escaping her feet” unexpectedly, so of course it didn’t take long before I wanted to confiscate her shoes to give her a lesson… But what I hadn’t expected is that I wasn’t the only one that day who was there to try to take her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 20 minutes after the beginning of our lunch, I noticed that John (the colleague who already “confiscated” one of her black Jonak pumps in this very same food court) was having lunch with one of his colleagues at a table behind us, and as you can guess, that pervert was constantly staring at my wife’s feet under her chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (his view was partially blocked by the chair in front of him so he had to lean on his right or raise his head a little to look at Lisa’s feet so it was quite noticeable, and in fact I caught him staring almost constantly during the first 10 minutes of his lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Man, since that guy managed to kidnap one of her precious Jonak pumps (and looked at the ultra low cut leather under every angle during 10 minutes!!!!), he’s completely obsessed by those shoes… but what I had clearly underestimated was his ardent desire to get his hands on them again and the “lobbying” that he obviously does at her work to convince other people that my princess deserves to have those ultra loose slip-ons knocked off and stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact as you will see, not even 30 seconds after I managed to kick one of her shoes out of her reach behind her chair, one of her female colleagues walked right behind us and kicked away her empty pump, and she sent it right next to John’s table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what’s even more good is that I caught that bitch (with faceshot) joking with John right after this, so there’s absolutely no doubt that those 2 bastards had been dying to do this for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! (especially when you see how quickly they decided to strike as soon as they saw that she had misplaced one of her beloved Jonak pumps… clearly they didn’t want to give her the slightest chance to get it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Hopefully for my poor Lisa, the guy who was having lunch with John saw what his colleagues were trying to do, and he obviously didn’t agree with their “little prank” so he turned them in!!! (although he didn’t tell Lisa that it was her female colleague who had kicked her shoe, he just warned her that one of her pumps was in the alley). So the bitch who had stolen her shoe got up to play the nice girl and helped her to retrieve it, and she told her “Sorry Lisa, I knew I had recognized those shoes! They're still hard to keep on I see?!!" and my princess turned red and just said "Yeah... thanks!" :)))))))))))) So clearly, not only that bitch was faking it, but by saying this out loud, she obviously wanted to draw the attention on my wife’s shoes so that everyone around us would notice how outrageously loose and low cut they were (like a way to justify herself in front of those who had caught her stealing her shoe), so it's literally like she was saying: "See everyone? That bitch loves to wear ultra loose flats all the time so you can take her shoes if you want, she deserves it!!!" MAN WHAT A CATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comments (5)

  • Lee

    It's nice to see her back! So has anybody ever flat tired her (stepped on her heels while she's walking)? If so any good stories that you can recall?

  • In reply to: Lee

    Hi Lee, here are 2 anecdotes that I already told in previous posts:

    Not so long ago Lisa and I went to the movies, and while we were waiting and slowly moving forward in the queue, 2 young guys (in their 20’s) who were standing right behind us took great delight in stepping on the back of her black Jonak pumps to unshoe her. At first I had just heard one of them telling to the other “Yeah I saw, they slip off her feet… Damn I hate girls who wear ballet flats”, but 5 minutes later, those bastards had already managed to yank off my princess’ shoes twice, and if I hadn’t decided to stand between her and them at that moment, I bet they would have removed and trashed her expensive pumps over and over again.

    Another anecdote with her Jonak golden pumps:
    Since last September, I already caught 2 different guys walking very closely behind her in the street to try to make her lose her precious golden pumps, and although in the first case I'm not completely sure if it was accidental, in the second case on the other hand, I have absolutely no doubt that it was intentional since the guy removed both of her pumps completely on the sidewalk (I didn't got the time to see how he did it but what surprized me is how fast her tiny feet ended up completely shoeless!!!), and when I looked behind me I saw that he had kicked one of her expensive shoes on the road, and that bastard didn't even offer to retrieve it for her, he just apologized and kept on walking, leaving my princess in nylons on the sidewalk completely shocked and agape!!!!!!!! I just got the time to yell at him a bit but the guy continued to walk even faster and just said "Sorry I'm in a hurry!" without even turning back! In fact I think that he was really in a hurry, but as the sidewalk was very crowded and that Lisa couldn't walk fast because of her ultra loose pumps (they slip off her heels dramatically with every step), I think he just lost his patience after getting delayed behind her so he probably thought "I'm gonna take off her shoes so she will get off my way!". Really crazy isn't it?!!!! And yet I have absolutely no doubt that that's exactly what the guy thought when he saw that her shoes were so outrageously loose and low cut :D:D:D

  • pisolithree

    Bonjour Yann. Le clip est magnifique. Je commence à avoir une jolie collection de clip et avec le recul, j'adore les séances de "dipping" de ta princesse. Ses chaussures glissent en permanence et elles les écrasent souvent. Le meilleur clip reste quand même celui où elle joue avec ses Buffalos en attendant l'avion. Je serai resté une journée à la regarder. A plus

  • In reply to: pisolithree

    Bonsoir Laurent, content que la vidéo t'ai plu et merci de ta fidélité ;) Oui ce qui me rend dingue quand elle porte ses petites Jonak noires c'est que non seulement elle les perd, mais en plus elle ne peut pas s'empêcher de faire du dipping avec où qu'elle soit, et même si je trouve ça vraiment trop mignon d'innocence et de féminité, c'est quand même très indécent :D D'autant plus quand je vois le nombre de mecs qui matent ouvertement ses pieds dès l'instant où ils se rendent compte que ses petites Jonak noires sont ultra échancrées (c'est comme les mecs qui attendent de voir la culotte d'une femme en mini-jupe, ils savent que ses petons peuvent très vite se retrouver à poil donc ils veulent pas rater le moment où ça va arriver :):):))
    Tu n'es pas le seul à vouloir la revoir avec ses petites ballerines Buffalo, mais comme je le disais, elle les porte assez rarement et je n'ai pas pu être à la maison très souvent dernièrement... A plus ;)

  • ALI

    nice post

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