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Take her shoes!

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This video is the perfect example of what some people can do when they notice that Lisa loves to wear ultra loose and low cut pumps and to remove them in public constantly... A few weeks ago I had lunch in a fast food with Lisa and 2 of her colleagues (her boss and her assistant) and as her boss was driving her there with his car, I arrived on my own a few minutes before them and settled at a table to make sure we would all be seated at the right spot ;))))) (actually I chose a table that was at the crossing of the 2 main alleys of the fast food so I was sure that almost everyone there would be able to see Lisa’s feet under her chair, and indeed as you will see, she quickly got a lot of attention ;))))))

The only fear I had was to see her show up in her high leather boots as it was freezing cold that day, but when I recognized the tiny vamps of her ultra low cut black suede Guess pumps sneaking out from underneath her pants, I knew that I was in for a really good show (but it actually turned out to be even more exciting than I had expected!!!!!!!!!). As you will see, her precious Guess pumps have become incredibly loose since the last video I made of them (actually I hadn’t seen her in those pumps for a long time as she was mostly wearing them at work, but clearly she must have shoeplayed with them non-stop to make them this f***ing loose!!!!!!!!!!). What particularly caught my attention when she settled next to me is that she was really struggling to keep her left shoe on, because everytime she was moving her feet backwards (so that her heels weren’t touching the floor anymore), her left pump was instantly slipping off completely!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what really drove me nuts is that I could see that she was trying her best to keep it on, but her slutty pump was just too loose and she spent her entire lunch losing it accidentally under her chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately for my poor Lisa, my plan worked perfectly as I quickly noticed that I wasn’t the only one to stare at her outrageously loose and low cut designer flats that day, and as you will see, not only she quickly grabbed all the men’s attention on her feet and shoes, but it didn’t take long before some of them wanted to confiscate her pumps and expose her beautiful nyloned feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now as I don’t want to ruin the suspense I’m not gonna spoil you everything, but just so you know, 3 different guys “took care” of her shoes that day (and what’s crazy is that they didn’t even know each other so they did it at different times!!!) and while 2 of them were clearly more interested in stripping my princess from her ultra loose flats, the last one obviously wanted to see some woman’s feet that day, and he sure realized that Lisa was the perfect victim for that when he looked at her shoes ;))))))))))))))))))))))

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Comments (6)

  • Bob

    Great video! I cannot believe how loose those pumps are. I’m surprised she can keep them on at all when she walks.

  • In reply to: Bob

    Hi Bob, yes I couldn't believe my eyes either when I saw that she could barely keep them on!!! And that's probably the reason why some guys didn't even hesitate to strip her shoeless in front of everyone that day :D:D:D

  • George

    Did she find her shoes in this video or did she go home shoeless?

  • In reply to: George

    Send me an email dude as I don't want to spoil the others ;)

  • DJT

    Has Lisa ever had to leave somewhere with only one shoe?

  • In reply to: DJT

    It almost happened in the video "Wicked colleagues stole her pump", you can check it out ;)

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