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About 2 months ago I went to have lunch with Lisa and 2 of my colleagues in a food court near my work, and when I came to pick up my princess in front of her office, I was very pleased to see that she was wearing her ultra loose and low cut Jonak golden pumps (with some sheer nylons and a black pants business suit), but most of all, as she had been keeping those pumps in her office for the past few months, I was really curious to see if they had become even more loose ;-))))))))))))))) As I have already said in my previous posts, the leather on those gorgeous shoes is very thin and soft which means that it tends to fold and sag with every step she makes or everytime she slips them on and off, but what I saw that day was beyond all my expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When she stepped into my car, although she tried to move her legs very slowly and carefully, by the time her left foot reached the carpet floor, her left shoe had already slipped off and landed in front of her seat with a soft “thud” which of course immediately caught my attention. She then slowly lifted her other foot inside, but when I saw her right foot entering the car, I realized that she was missing her right pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my princess was now completely shoeless, with her left pump on the carpet floor, and the right one still laying empty in the street on the side of my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I couldn’t resist asking her “You’re ok Cinderella?” while I was watching her picking up her little pumps with her hands and slipping them most effortlessly back on her feet, and she just answered “Yeah, those shoes are becoming a little loose…”. Man, just as she was saying that, I took a good look at her slutty pumps, and boy, what I saw really made my heart race… As you will see, the leather on those flats is now so low around her heels that I would say that it barely covers 2 centimetres of the back of her feet, and as those shoes were already ridiculously low cut at the front and on the sides, I immediately understood that there was absolutely no way they could stay on her feet anymore (which I think is far beyond her definition of the words “a little loose” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Of course after seeing this I had to record her feet as much as possible, and as you will see I managed to get some very nice footage with my phone while she was walking inside the food court, waiting for her meal and also at the checkout, so get prepared for some crazy heelpopping and standing dipping show for the first 14 minutes of the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, when you’ll see how those pumps are now even more loose and low cut than her black suede Jonak pumps, you’ll understand why I couldn’t take my eyes off her feet, but what really shocked me is that I wasn’t the only one to stare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only the other clients but the waiters too, EVERYONE was looking at my princess’ shoes as they were slipping off her heels dramatically with every step, and it sure didn’t take people much time to notice that her pumps were outrageously low cut… I mean, with so very little leather, it’s just so obvious that she doesn’t stand a chance to keep them on, and man, I bet they all thought that it was very unprofessional for a business lady like her to wear such loose pumps in public (and they don’t even know that she wears those shoes at work almost everyday at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Boy, it was already hard to hide my excitement when I realized that those slutty flats were now exposing her feet so much (even her tiny toe is about to pop out by the side!!!!), but after seeing 2 waitresses openly mocking and criticizing Lisa’s pumps behind her back (obviously they wanted to put some glue in her shoes!!!!), I started realizing what a tease she could be for other people with those golden beauties on her feet, and I must say that it turned me on even more…

Naturally the little slut continued to tease everyone when we settled at our table, performing a really naughty shoeplay and dipping show under her chair, but what really caught my attention is that quite a few times, she was more losing her shoes than actually removing them deliberately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, on several occasions when she crossed her left foot over the right under her chair (so I had a perfect view of her left arch), I saw that she had lost her left pump in the process, but it wasn’t stopping her to do it again just a few seconds later, so it’s pretty obvious that she was taking great delight in feeling her bitch shoes slipping off her feet so easily. It’s also at that moment that I managed to take a closer look at the ridiculous amount of leather that there is now at the back of her left pump, and boy, just watch and compare the exposed part of her foot with and without her shoe on: IT’S ALMOST THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can guess, with such a tease sitting next to me, I couldn’t resist trying to rid her of her shoes discreetly, so as the lunch went on, I regularly took some quick peeks under her chair to see what she was doing, but although she couldn’t stop dipping, she was constantly putting her shoes back on too quickly to give me a good occasion to confiscate them for good…until the end of our lunch where she finally did the mistake of removing both of her slutty pumps under her chair ;-)))))))))))))))))))))) As you will see, that last dip turned out to be really tragic for her right pump, and just as I expected, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to trash her provocative shoes ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Man, it’s truly amazing how people know exactly the kind of shoeplay slut that Lisa is simply by looking at her little golden pumps, and in fact, not only it’s the first time that I notice so many people staring openly at her shoes, but it’s also the first time that I see a waitress so obsessed by my wife’s pumps, and obviously dying to snatch them right off her feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, how much do you bet that she won’t be keeping those scandalous flats very long???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bob

    Hey I'm just wondering if you have any updates planned? Have you caught any dangling lately?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Hi Bob, yes I think I'll post some new vids in September, not sure when exactly tho... Actually I caught a really great dangling of my princess this summer while she was barefeet in her little Jonak golden pumps, I'll try to upload it among the first new vids ;)

  • Bob

    Sounds great! I'm Looking forward to see it

  • David

    Any updates on the upcoming videos? :)

  • In reply to: David

    Hi David, sorry for the late response. I'm almost done editing the second video, I'll try to upload them ASAP... Sorry to all my loyal visitors for the lack of updates lately, I come back from work so late at the moment that I don't have the courage to work on the videos when I'm at home, just eat and sleep :(

  • pisolithe

    Bonjour Yann, je viens prendre des nouvelles de ta princesse. Est ce qu'elle porte ses ballerines Jonak dorées? Il me semble avoir lu qu'elle avait fait pas mal de dangling cet été. Elles ne doivent plus lui tenir aux pieds. Nous attendons avec impatience tes futures vidéos. Merci.

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Bonsoir Laurent, oui, elle les avait aux pieds ce matin même quand je l'ai déposée à son travail et oui tu ne crois pas si bien dire, elle les perd vraiment constamment !!!!! (d'autant qu'elle a recommencé à les mettre avec des collants, donc je peux te dire que dans ces conditions elle les perd ULTRA facilement et en devient même une proie apparemment très tentante dans la rue). Pour la petite anecdote, ça fait déjà 2 fois depuis la rentrée que je vois des mecs faire exprès de la coller pour lui faire perdre ses petits escarpins dorés quand elle marche, et autant sur le 1er j'ai un doute sur le fait que c'était accidentel, autant sur le 2ème, je n'ai aucun doute que c'était volontaire vu qu'il l'a complètement déchaussée en 2 secondes sur le trottoir (j'ai pas eu le temps de voir comment il s'y est pris mais ce qui m'a surpris c'est la vitesse à laquelle ses petons se sont retrouvés "à poil" :p), et quand je me suis retourné j'ai vu qu'il avait donné un bon coup de pied dans une de ses chaussures pour l'envoyer sur la route, et cet enfoiré n'a même pas proposé d'aller lui récupérer, il s'est juste excusé et a continué son chemin, laissant ma princesse en collants sur le trottoir complètement bouche bée et outrée !!!!!!!!!!! J'ai juste eu le temps de gueuler "faut pas se gêner !" et le mec a accéléré le pas en disant "désolé je suis pressé !"

    Le pire c'est que je pense qu'il était vraiment pressé, mais comme le trottoir était assez bondé et que Lisa n'arrivait pas à marcher bien vite à cause de ses petits escarpins (heelpops gigantesques à chaque pas !), à mon avis il a dû perdre patience à être "retardé" derrière elle donc il s'est dit "je vais lui enlever ses chaussures comme ça elle va dégager du trottoir !" Hallucinant non ??!!! (et pourtant je suis quasi sûr et certain que c'est ce qu'il s'est dit !!!!!!!!).

    Bon allez je retourne bosser, j'espère que les vidéos de cet été te plairont ;)

  • tob

    I looking forward to some new clips of Lisa, can't wait to see some new adventures in her loose shoes.

  • pisolithe

    Bonjour Yann, comment va Lisa, est ce qu'elle a acheté des nouvelles chaussures, met elle toujours ses ballerines Jonak pieds nus? J'attend avec impatience tes nouveaux clips.

  • Jay

    Hey Yann, It's been a long time since your last update, you're killing us with this suspense to find out what has happened with Lisa's shoes!!

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