Cinderella and the jealous bitch

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Sorry for the long delay guys, I've been very busy at work and had very little to no free time lately... As promised, here is a very nice video that I recorded about a month ago. That day Lisa was having lunch in a fast food with one of her male colleagues, and as I had a short moment of free time, I decided to join them so I could see what shoes my princess was wearing that day ;) When I arrived Lisa and her colleague were already settled at one of the tables so I hurried to make my order, and to my great delight, I immediately spotted that my sweet wife was wearing her outrageously loose and low cut white Jonak pumps (with a pair of sheer nylon socks, a pair of blue jeans and a white blouse), but most of all, I quickly noticed that she was heelpopping like crazy under her chair while she was talking with her colleague…

The heelpopping show continued when I joined them at their table (actually I think that she was trying to shoeplay discreetly so that her colleague wouldn’t hear that she was constantly slipping her slutty pumps on and off), but after a few minutes the discreet heelpopping show turned into a real “shoe loss festival” as her precious shoes started falling loudly on the floor more and more often!!!!!! (I think she got more relaxed when I arrived as the place started to get really crowded, so maybe she thought that no one would hear her ultra loose flats falling off her feet constantly, but as you will hear – as I left some very short moments with the sound on ;-)))) – her slutty shoes were making a hell of a noise when they were falling on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

As the minutes passed the princess was shoeplaying more and more, but what caught my attention is that the guy who was sitting on her left was regularly taking some quick peeks at her feet, and when you will see how she was toying with her ridiculously low cut pumps, you’ll understand why she was such an eye-catcher for everyone around her… The only problem is that my sweet Lisa didn’t realize that everyone behind us could also see just how scandalously loose her precious pumps were, and when another group of people settled on our left, a guy and a woman among them had clearly noticed that, and they decided to take advantage of it!!!!!!!!!!

As you will see, as soon as they settled next to us, I saw that the big guy and the woman who were sitting on Lisa’s left were regularly looking at my princess’ feet (and as usual my innocent wife didn’t realize a thing and just kept exposing her ultra low cut pumps and painted toe nails right under their nose), so I quickly understood that they were up to something… So of course, knowing that those people were clearly looking to strip my princess from her expensive pumps (especially that fat cow who was obviously jealous of her), I made sure to give them a little help by kicking one of Lisa’s pumps out of her reach behind her chair, and just as I expected, I didn’t take long before they decided to take the bait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you will see, they were quiet and efficient, and it really didn’t take them long before they came up with an idea to embarrass my beautiful princess and take care of her outrageously low cut pump… Will Lisa be forced to leave the fast food without her beloved white Jonak pumps??? Just watch and enjoy ;-))))))))))))))))))

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  • Josh

    Hah, I don't even want to watch this video - those shoes are my favorite and if they were actually stolen and we won't be seeing them again - I can explain it to myself that she keeps them in some kind of a closet or something :D

  • pisolithe

    Bonjour Yann, ton clip est délicieux. J'ai adoré particulièrement le moment où Lisa pousse du bout de son orteil sa chaussure pour la remettre sous la table. C'est hyper féminin. Par contre, je suis déçu que l'on entende pas plus souvent le "clac" de ses chaussures: c'est une magnifique mélodie. Je sais que Lisa ne porte pas souvent de mule car elle n'aime pas ces chaussures. Quand il lui arrive d'en porter, est ce qu'elle joue avec? Je rêve de la voir en tong et s'amuser avec les brides (si elle le fait..). Ta femme est tout simplement géniale. Merci à toi Yann. :p

  • In reply to: pisolithe

    Salut Laurent, content que le clip t'ai plu ;) Oui, moi ce qui m'a rendu dingue à ce moment là c'est qu'elle perde son autre escarpin en essayant de se dépêcher de récupérer l'autre... Du coup la princesse qui voulait rester discrète s'est retrouvée en collants devant tout le monde :D:D:D
    Pour le bruit de ses chaussures, oui moi aussi j'aimerais laisser le son plus souvent mais malheureusement je ne peux laisser que les moments où personne ne parle... Mais bon au moins, même avec des courts extraits, ça vous donne une bonne idée du boucan qu'elle fait avec ses petits escarpins !!!! Pour ce qui est des mules, non Lisa n'en porte pas (elle n'en possède aucune paire). Comme je te l'avais déjà dit je crois, le seul moment où je la vois porter des tongs, c'est sur la plage (et encore, bien souvent elle y va avec une vieille paire de ballerines).
    En tout cas je pense que la prochaine vidéo va te plaire : j'ai réussi à la choper un midi il y a 2 semaines quand elle portait ses petits escarpins Jonak dorés... et quand tu vas voir à quel point le cuir s'est affaissé au niveau du talon (encore plus que sur ses Jonak noirs en daim !!!!), je pense que ça va te rendre aussi fou que moi... C'est simple, elle n'arrive tout simplement plus à les garder aux pieds :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Malheureusement je suis vraiment débordé au boulot en ce moment donc impossible de te dire quand je mettrai cette vidéo en ligne, mais comme d'habitude je fais au plus vite ;)


    Elle porte quelle paire de ballerines? c'est pas ses Buffalos? Si un jour tu as une photo, je serai preneur par simple curiosité. Merci beaucoup pour ta délicieuse réponse. ;)

  • In reply to: PISOLITHE

    Non le plus souvent c'était avec ses ballerines noires André (mais ça c'était avant que la nana qu'on a croisé au self ne les lui confisque...). J'avais posté une photo d'elle avec ses petites ballerines André quand nous étions en vacances il y a plusieurs années sur mon ancien site mais impossible de remettre la main dessus...

  • Bob

    Hello, I know you busy I was just wondering if there is any news on a future update?

  • In reply to: Bob

    Hi Bob, I'll try to post the next update next week if I can (it's a long video that I recorded about 2 months ago when Lisa was wearing her Jonak golden pumps in a food court... Really breathtaking ;)) Stay tuned!

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