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As promised, here is the first vid that I recorded showing Lisa wearing her new Guess black suede flat pumps, and to say the least, you guys are in for a big treat!!!! That day my sweet princess was wearing those outrageously low cut flats barefeet (with an old pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a gray vest), and when I saw that she was reading a magazine on the couch and texting with her friends at the same time, I decided to sit next to her to watch TV for a moment, but of course it was mainly to record her feet with my phone as the show that she was putting on was simply gorgeous!!!! She was completely focused on her reading and all the while, she was very innocently toying with her slutty pumps in a way that was driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, she was clearly enjoying to clench her toes as it was making the ridiculously low cut vamps of her shoes pop off her feet, and she was regularly playing the little game of slipping her pumps on and off by the front, simply by clenching and stretching her tiny toes, and all this with the greatest ease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god when I saw this and especially how much toe cleavage her new pumps were showing, I couldn’t stop thinking how easily she will loose them when they’ll start to be a little worn. In fact, as usual as her feet are very narrow, they tend to slide inside those pumps (especially as the insoles look very slippery), and when her heels are completely in contact with the back of her shoes, the ultra low cut vamps barely cover her toenails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (only her big toe is half covered, but for her 4 other toes, there’s just enough leather to cover the nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The other thing that made my heart race is that although those pumps were brand new and that she was wearing them barefeet, she was already losing them VERY easily, and as I know that she wears them with nylons at work (extra sheer as the little slut want people to notice her toe cleavage), I’m pretty sure that she already stepped out of them accidentally in front of people… Of course I didn’t tell her what I really think about her new Guess pumps, but man, if I see her strutting in those shoes for a lunch with her colleagues one day, I’m really gonna do my best to confiscate them discreetly and make sure she gets back to work completely shoeless and ashamed (because clearly, I think that she’s really over the limits of decency by showing so much toe cleavage in public, and moreover on her workplace!!!!)

As I had to leave early to the airport that Sunday, I couldn’t record her feet very long but I still managed to catch a nice heelpopping moment just before leaving (and also a brief standed dipping), and boy I think I watched that video a dozen times during my flight ;-))))))))) Don’t miss it guys, it’s really breathtaking, and of course feel free to drop me a line to tell me what you think of those very provocative pumps ;-)

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  • Bob

    Wow, I can't wait for these to stretch out a bit and along with her wearing nylons they'll be impossible to keep on!

  • In reply to: Bob

    Yep, I've already seen her losing them accidentally while she was wearing them with nylons this week :D

  • 66


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